ready or not

Leanna is enjoying her life. The biggest compitition she has ever had to train for is at the end of summer. Leanna and her horse Beauty have to train all day for even a chance but when her fater agrees to watch 5 boys will it ruin her chances. will she ever have a chance of her scholarship.


1. best or worst?

I ran down the stairs in my riding pants and boots the stairs creaked with my every motion. My farmhouse, nothing fancy it was just simply old, but beautiful none the less. I raced out the door with my Northface closely zipped up. The cold, freezing Febuary air hit me like a ton of bricks. thats Ohio for you. Thats the way i like it the horses are always frisky in this weather. I ran up to the big, sliding barn door and swung it open. A seires of loud ungery nieghs hit my ears. " alright alright" i told all 6 of them. The neighs slowed down. I turnes on the heater and plugged my ipod in and on shuffle. My horses work better with music. I got all the grain mixed and was ready to feed. First, cookie dough an old pinto with blue eyes that look like the ocean. He neighed a thank you and bobbed his head. second, Sunny and appleloosa mare with a heart of gold safe for all. I then feed speedy, cupid, and Rio. Last but  by far my favorite was at the end of the way. With her black head sticking out and her head bobbing up and down, side to side. Beauty or her show name Sheirdons Technique. She was mine my pride and joy. She was the reason i got up in the morning. I reason i was still alive today. She has been right by my side through thick and thin.she is truley my best friend. She is also a champion. Beauty my little black morgan mare my baby to say the least. I always feed her last beacause then i could talk to her while she ate without horses in the backround neighingg for food.

I looked at my iphone "7:30 already crap!" i yelled. My day wanted to tell me something at 8:30 and if i want ed to ride i need to go now! i rushed and tacked up. Hopped up on Beauty and had a wonderful ride like everyday. She got the right lead nice headset everything was just beautiful. Thats Beauty!

After i untacked and cleaned up the barn i had to leave right then or my dad was going to be mad. He had told me not to be late for this all week. I was wondering why he pushed me out of the door this morning but i brushed that aside as i saw a weird looking van in our driveway. Most likely one of dad clients they always had a van like that so i just walked in the house.

"dad!" I yelled. i heard laughing in the living room. I walked in to see five boys about my age sitting on my couch. alright i thought this is weird. "hey' i said slowly "dad ill wait outside till you and your clients are done" i stated faster this time. I turned to look at the boys they looked familar. "no honey this is what i wanted to talk to you about" he said gesturing to the 5 boys " see they will be staying with us for a couple of months im friends with their manager and he said they need a good break with some normal people."  he stated chucling thoughh nothing was really funny.

the boys looked bored not really caring. Great i thought these are the people who will be living with us for months. "ok" i said simply really i didnt care what they did just leave me alone i have to practice for this the end of summer and not even them will stop me


** LIAM'S POV***


why i thought as we got off the airplane that took us to this terrible cold place called Ohio. we drove for what seemed like forever. then the bus stopped. I looked out the window and saw this old rustic farmhouse with a huge barn out in the back. We walked inside and talked to Adam. the guy our manager said we would meet. He was really nice and friendly wa sat in the living room the 5 of us of the couch. when we heard the door creak open man this house was loud.In walked a girl about my age. she was beautiful even when covered in dirt.  Her brown curly hair cascaded down her back stoping right below her shoulder blades. Her hazel/ yellow/ red eyes pierced right through me. she only looked at me for a second then she spoke "hey" she said slowly with little cofidence. i thought she was going to be a huge fan and run up and hug us but no she just stood there. "dad ill wait outside tll you and your clients are done". what didnt she know us. she then looked at us like maybe she knew who we were but nothing. wait she said dad that meant Adam was her father. That meant she lived here. I would talk to her. Adam finally said what we were doing there and she simple said ok like she didnt even care. then she walked out.

"sorry about her she is actually really sweet and nice its just she has had a lot on her plate lately she is training for a big compititon" Adam told us. " a compition?" i asked. "yes" he told me " she competes in horse shows she is pretty good" He told us.

Adam showed us our rooms. Zayn and me in one room and Harry, Niall, and Louie in the other. adam nocked on the door and told us welcome for the 100th time and told us where Leanna's room was. Leanna thats her name i loved it. I eas going to to go see her but the other boys wanted to tag along.

we slowly walked up to the door and knocked. After about 10 secondes she opened the door. she was in a pair of black skinny jeans and a t shirt with sockes on. Her hair in perfect curls she looked like she had taken a shower cause her hair was damp. " ya come in guys" she told us. we slowly walked in to a green room with pictures everywhere of everything mostly horses though. "sorry guys i didnt tell you my name earlier i hope you guys dont think im mean'' she said to all of us " Im always in a mode ofter i come from the barn". " its ok " we all told her. we each told her our names and then i clicked. "you are One Direction right" she asked " yep"  Harry told her. " ok now i know you " she stated with a smile




After they told me their names it clicked i knew who they were " you guys are one Direction right?" "yep" the one with curly brown hair and green orbs whose name was Harry said "ok now i know you" i stated with a smile. This could be fun i thought "do you guys want to go riding with me?" i asked all 5. they looked at each other and nodded their heads. I really didnt care if the knew how i just wanted to go to the barn and my dad told me not till i do something with the boys. this i thought would be fun seeing the 5 unhorse familiar boys try to ride little did i know i was going to go wrond.



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