Al-ter (Verb)
To change or to cause change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

She seems like that strange indie 16 year old kid who's opinion on boy bands is very unpopular, but Meghan is a time traveler. Everyone seems to think time travel isn't possible. But it is. Very possible, to Meghan, who has all of time and space figured out. Nobody knows that though, because nobody cares enough to talk to her. But when Ivory, a huge Directioner, figures out time travel, anything can happen. Like a date with not-so-famous Harry Styles. Or Zayn Malik. Depends who we're talking about.


3. Blip, Blip, Blip...


Blip, Blip, Blip.


Blip, Blip, Blip.

"Who's cell phone is ringing?" The teacher shouts. He's quite the one for the no cell phones in class. Well, it's not a cell phone. And I need to go.

Blip, Blip, Blip.

I sigh and stand up, yanking my wibble detector out of the side of my backpack.

Blip, Blip, Blip.

"Meghan, is that a cell phone?"


Blip, Blip, Blip.

"it's a timey wimey detector." the entire class started laughing at me.

"A timey wimey detector?"

Blip, Blip, Blip.

"It goes blip if there's stuff."

"it goes blip when there's stuff..."

Blip, Blip, Blip.

"And it boils eggs." At this point everyone in the class was staring at me, laughing. I started to feel uncomfortable, but luckily, the bell rang.

Blip, Blip, Blip. I need to leave. Now.

I left the school very quickly to my house where I found my time machine sitting there in the backyard. I had made it just like a TARDIS except, it was white and it didn't say Police Box. I opened the door with my key and stepped inside. Ah. Home. I checked my timey wimey detector, which said the blip was coming from Holmes Chapel in 2008. Wait. Holmes Chapel? Is this going to involve One Direction? I HOPE SO I WANT TO MEET FETUS ZEN. Anyway on with this! I twist some knobs and pull some levers and set the machine to Holmes Chapel, 2008. Here goes.....

My machine lands. Right in the middle of a forest. That's good, out of sight AND RIGHT WHERE I NEED IT. Right directly in front of me past a few trees stands a bench with a short curly haired guy and a long curly haired girl. I think I've found my wibblyness. The blipping got louder and faster as I approached. I looked up from the bench and saw none other than a weeping angel. They're real? Weeping angels only move when no one is looking at them. They move impossibly fast and can be right at your side with one blink. If the angels get a hold of you, they send you back in time to the far far past. 40, 50, 100 years maybe? And if you look them in they eye, they will possess your mind. But why are they here? I need a closer look. SONIC SCREWDRIVER TO THE RESCUE. But I can hear their conversation..

"Where do you live" then something else I couldn't make out. From Harry.

"Actually, I'm from the fu-"

"STOP NO!" I shouted, Looking away from the angel, But immediately looking back up to see that it had moved. It was closer to the street than before. This isn't good. I can't have this girl creating paradoxes and al of time and space will just be in a loop!




It's been about 2 hours of just sitting on a bench and I'm getting on so well with Harry... It's AMAZING!

"I've never seen that statue before." Harry said as he looked across the street at a statue of an angel with it's face in it's hands. I just shrugged.

"Hmm. So, Where do you live?" he asks. "I've not seen you around before. Are you new round here?"

"Actually, I'm from the fu-"

"STOP NO!" I heard a voice call from behind Harry and I. Along with it is a really quick blip blip blip noise... Harry and I were getting so far... We turned to see a girl about our age with red hair standing not 3 feet away.

"Hello. I need you. Come here." The girl says, not even bothering to look at neither me or Harry. She had her eyes fixed on the statue across the road. I stood up warily, giving Harry a be right back look.

"You. I need you to stay right there and keep looking at that statue over there." she said to Harry with a sort of scared look on her face. The girl quickly lead me over to the angel, where she took out a strange device. She held it up to the angel and pressed a button. The device glowed green. She moved the device and pressed the button again and again before I spoke.

"Okay, who are you? What are you doing? What is this statue? And what IS that blip blip noise?!" I asked. The red haired girl finally stopped flashing the thingy and turned to face me. She grinned.

"I like you." she said. "already. Must be a new record. What has it been, 16 seconds?" I gave her a questioning look.

"Sorry. Hello. I'm Meghan. I'm a time traveller. I was diagnosing this statue. It's a weeping angel. They don't move while people are looking at them. Even if you blink, they can get you. Angels move impossibly fast..  They send you back in time what 40, 50 100 years in time?" I looked up to it's face.

"Ba, ba, ba, don't look it in the eyes, it'll possess your mind. As I was saying, they feed on sending people back in time..." She looked down at the long device in her hands.

"Except this one.. This one feeds on paradoxes. Where you travel back in time and alter the past." She gave me a look like she knew I had travelled here. Ooh. She turned her head back to Harry who was still studying the statue. She kept staring at him...

"Stop, that's my Harry!" I said and immediately regretted it. She looked back at me and laughed.

"I'm a Zayn girl myse..." her voice trailed off as she looked past me. I turned to find a certain black haired Bradford Bad Boy walking the pavement toward us. Why was he in Holmes Chapel? And this Meghan liked One Direction? But Zayn! What? He walked past us into the nearest shop.

"Okay come with me quickly before Zayn comes out." She said, grabbing my hand and practically dragging me into the forest behind where Harry was sitting.

"KEEP LOOKING AT THE STATUE! DON'T BLINK IT'S FOR ALL OF OUR SAFETY! WINK!" She shouted at Harry who nodded and stared at the angel. He was so kind, listening to people he doesn't know..... Before long Meghan and I were in front of a strange looking white box.

"Shoot, It's rebuilding..." she said, trying to open the door.

"This is my time machine. Anyway, I have some rules for you to follow while we're here in the past. As of right now, we have no way back to our time until this thing here is done rebuilding, Rule 1.No telling others that you're from the future, 2. no looking or talking to your past self or your family or friends! Just people you don't know. 3. If something seems out of ordinary, like the angel, CALL ME. Though my wibble detector should pick it up. Here. This has a signal everywhere. Any galaxy, any time anywhere." She threw me a phone that looked similar to an iPhone. Neat!

"Just don't do anything that will alter the past too drastically! Got it bro?"

"Got it. If anything goes wrong, I'll call you." She nodded and I went back to sit with Harry. This would be fun...










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