Al-ter (Verb)
To change or to cause change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

She seems like that strange indie 16 year old kid who's opinion on boy bands is very unpopular, but Meghan is a time traveler. Everyone seems to think time travel isn't possible. But it is. Very possible, to Meghan, who has all of time and space figured out. Nobody knows that though, because nobody cares enough to talk to her. But when Ivory, a huge Directioner, figures out time travel, anything can happen. Like a date with not-so-famous Harry Styles. Or Zayn Malik. Depends who we're talking about.


1. An Introduction To Meghan.

"And that, is time travel." I said and blinked. My language class had to prepare speeches to present in front of the class. I chose time travel as my topic, something that was easy and relatable for me, being a time traveler. I took my seat back at my desk in the back of the room, receiving no applause. Right. If you couldn't tell, I'm probably one of the least popular people at this school. And I love One Direction from when the came out almost 3 years ago. (I especially love Zayn... Though I do love them all equal. Ugh I just...) If people gave me the chance, I could show them the world. Literally. I have a time machine. I invented it after watching countless hours of shows like Doctor Who and researching. It's taken me about 2 years to complete it and learn all of the rules of time travel to prevent paradoxes and such, but it's definitely worth it. I even made myself a sonic screwdriver that can fix and do anything! Just like in Doctor Who! Anyway. You may be wondering why I'm not out exploring time and space. I normally only go out if I need to, just to resist any temptations to create a paradox. That's why I made a little timey wimey detector (very technical, I know.) which goes blip blip blip if theres ever anything wrong sometime in the world. Speaking of which......

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