Al-ter (Verb)
To change or to cause change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

She seems like that strange indie 16 year old kid who's opinion on boy bands is very unpopular, but Meghan is a time traveler. Everyone seems to think time travel isn't possible. But it is. Very possible, to Meghan, who has all of time and space figured out. Nobody knows that though, because nobody cares enough to talk to her. But when Ivory, a huge Directioner, figures out time travel, anything can happen. Like a date with not-so-famous Harry Styles. Or Zayn Malik. Depends who we're talking about.


2. An Intorduction To Ivory.

Wellll, hello! I'm Ivory. I'm a huggge Directioner! I have my friends, and I have people who don't like me as much. So all in all I'm not a very popular person. I was thinking the other day, about how I had a very, very slim chance of having one of the 1D boys fall in love with me. (Particularly Harry.. But I do love them all equal just so we're clear.) So I thought, what if I could go back in time to when they were my age? So I found out how to build a working time machine! I thought if I could go back in time to Holmes Chapel in 2008, about 2 years before Harry auditioned for X-Factor, I could win Harry's heart! A perfect plan! TIME TO GET STARTED.

-when the time machine is built-

Right. Heres the thing. The time machine I mean. It kinda looks like a teleporting device... Welp, here goes. I step onto the platform and set the time and date. Holmes Chapel, December 29th, 2008. Okay. Harry will be 14, soon to be 15, around my age! Perfect. I pulled down the lever thingy and bang. I was in Holmes Chapel. What? That fast!? Cool. But wait... Where's the time machine?! Oh well. I immediately bring myself to the bakery Harry works at, " 'W. Madeville Bakery". I saw him at the counter. All the curls, those sparkly green eyes... It was amazing...

"Can I help you?" He said with a very friendly smile that seemed to make my heart jump into my throat. He is sooooooo....

"Uhm, yeah.. Just I , um..."

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