Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


30. Why can't this end?

-Addy's POV-

Harry's arm stayed wrapped around my waist. I told him Niall kissed me. it would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. But when harry kissed me, it felt so… right. My fingers locked with his as he whispered sweet things in my ear. Suddenly, my door opened and Niall stood there. How did he get in? My mind raced as Harry covered me, a pillow over my head. And my blanket over my body. 


"Why are you here Harry?", Niall asks. 


"Because Addy is my girlfriend. You kissed her? She wouldn't lie to me", he says defensively. The blanket was pulled from atop of me. Niall's eyes found mine. A smirk played on his face as he lifted me up. Harry sat up, as Niall pushed me to him. Harry was soon by us, his hand on my back. My mind was everywhere, caught between two boys. Best friends for that matter. 


Being lightheaded didn't help, because I fell. Harry caught me, and Niall looked at me. A sudden urge to cry took over me. Niall's ocean blue eyes look at me. I cover my face, as he sighs. 


"Leave me alone Niall!" I knew the word stuck in his heart. Because his hands left my knees. I didn't want him here. But yet, I did. I opened my eyes, which were blurry. Niall walked away and soon Harry faced me. His emerald green eyes locked on my blue ones. I needed Niall here. Everything was becoming confusing so fast. 



I woke up to feeling a cool breeze on my back. Harry was gone, and I was all alone. My phone flashed and Harry's name shone brightly across it. I didn't answer, and he kept calling. Did he not get the hint I was mad he left? Then a shadow crossed in the hall. Probably nothing. But to be sure, I got up. I know seems like a horror movie. Theni looked at my outfit, in a tank too and short-shorts. 


The dimly lit hallway didn't help my fear. As I walked towards the spiral stairs, I noticed the window open. Groaning; I knew harry left it open. Quickly, I walked down the stairs and shut the window. It felt like I wasn't alone, and something touched my side. I screamed and turned to see Niall there laughing. 


"That wasn't funny! I nearly pissed myself you ass!", I yelled hitting him. Niall only laughed at me, and wrapped an arm around me. But I pushed him off and headed toward my kitchen. Niall decided it would be faster, so he picked me up and ran. 


"Niall James Horan put me down!", I yell punching his back. He only laughed, because compared to him. I'm fucking weak. Gently, he set me on the counter. I crossed my arms. Why would Harry leave me alone with him? Niall walked in between my legs, and leaned back. I so didn't want him kissing me again. He smiled, showing off his bracless mouth. His ocean blue eyes stared into my dark blue ones. 


"You know you want me to kiss you." 


I gulped. He was trying to get to me. Not being able to speak cause of pressure; didn't help. His hand pulled me to him, and it rested on the small of my back. He leaned in and pressed his soft lips to mine. Frozen, he pulled away. Turning I saw Harry. He walked to us, and I looked at them. 

-Harry's POV-

I watched as Niall kissed her. But she was stiff. Addy was committed not to hurt anyone again. She turned and saw me, she looked scared. Scared I might yell at her. She hopped of the counter and came to me. Niall looked hurt, she didn't want him anymore? Addy looked up at me, and Niall looked down. He knew he needed to leave. 

We watched as he left and Addy looked down. 


"He's driving me crazy. Harry he wants me to take him back. I love him, but I'm too scared to. What if he hurts me again. Plus he seems happy with Alex", she says walking to the living room. I followed her and pulled her to me. She rested her head on my chest and played with my shirt. She sighed deeply. 


"Addy, he's misrable with Alex. Do you know what she does to him? Forces him to do what she wants. Rarely do we see him. I know you think he'll hurt you. But when he did, did you see how much he hurt? Addy, don't forgive him yet, but just know he misses you", I tell her softly. 


She just leans on me, not speaking. I grab her hand and she finally looks up. She smiles and straddles my lap. She entwined her fingers with mine. She pressed her lips to mine and I held her hips. She smiled and giggled. Her hands fell and I grab the hem of her shirt. She didn't stop me as I lifted it up. She placed her hands on my chest. Stopping me from pulling it up. She smirked and pulled back. 


"Tease", I say. 


"I try." I grabbed her and started tickling her. She smirked as she had no ticklish spots. I glared and she pushed me down. When did she become a bad girl? She kissed my neck. Shivering under her touch, she smirked. Addy pulled back, and got up. But I picked her up and carried her up the stairs. She punched my back but it didn't affect me. Dropping her on the bed she glared at me. 

-Niall's POV-


I walked inside and plopped by Louis. Elenaor was gone with Perrie and Dani. She still hated Addy. Louis looked at me. 




"Yes, she won't kiss me anymore. She won't smile at me. Louis she loves harry because I screwed up." All I wanted wa sale her to at least talk to me like friends. But when would that happen? No one cares for her. The front door opened and Harry walked in with Addy dress in this. There fingers were intertwined together. Jealousy took over, but Louis went to talk to Harry. Awkwardly, she sat down. 


My mind, not working with my arms. I pulled her into my lap. She struggled to get me to let go. She gave up and I locked my arms around her. 


"Niall let me go. I -", not letting her finish I said it. 


"Hate me I know. I've tried saying I'm sorry. You won't listen. Addy I didn't try to hurt you." 


She finally pulled away and stood up facing me. 


"No. But you did, since the day you met me you hated me. Niall I could be in close he right now. You're mad because I'm dating harry and he did worse. But he didn't. I want to take you back, but I can't. Not again. I'm sorry, but like you wanted. I'm leaving London, harry knows. I'm sorry." She kissed my cheek and went to find harry. She's leaving me again? 

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