Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


22. What I've Done

*Addy's POV*

I sit alone, fiddling with my thumbs in a room. They've gone, and left me in Minneapolis. I hear a lit knocking and see the woman standing in the doorway.


"You have visitors." I got up and followed her, I saw the girls and guys. I didn't look at them, Dani hugged me. But I don't hug her back, I won't. I look at Niall, he looks at my state. He drove me here, he drove me to madness. I sat down and it was quiet, I was tired.


"We miss you Addy", Zayn says.


"I can't leave. They won't let me, I just hate it here."


"It's for what's best", Louis says.


"You can't tell me whats best! I hate it here! Louis I'm going more crazy, please get me out." All I wanted was to be out of here, and be with the boys or in London. But no. Niall had to drive me to insanity. I needed to have them get me out of here. Niall looked at me and he gave me his puppy eyes, He wanted me to be by him, so I did. I need Niall to keep me up, not down. But I realized that would never happen.


He hugged me and I sat in his lap, not letting go. The boys smiled, I thought about this. I never left my room in the days I've been here. Niall held my hand. Niall and I had broken up, but I knew I needed him. even if he did cheat on me. I wouldnt care if it was still the fake relationship. But it was real. Niall must've told the truth, it looked like he didn't kiss back. He was pushing her off, but I didn't believe him. He understands now why I need him. But the insults and abuse from him continues. I looked at Louis, with pleading eyes.


"Okay. I'll try to get you out." I smiled, he saw how Niall and I are. I felt Niall tense, he wants me to stay here. I can't believe it, how could he just let me stay. I was his princess, I was his everything. He found someone new. I was a play toy. I got away from Niall, back where I was. He looked down, everyone here knew I was his girlfriend. They wanted my attention, but I ignored them. Because I know the people here. We were friends. Niall gives me puppy eyes. I crossed my arms.


"What's it like here Addy?", Liam asks.


"It's hell. Because I grew up with some of the people who are here. They treat me differently now."


Zayn rubbed my back, while Niall hadn't shown any emotion. He looked at me  blankly, he has someone else. I looked down, I could tell Liam has glared at Niall. Louis walked in and the woman nodded at me. I can leave! I hear Niall huff as Louis takes my hand. I walk with him out the doors. I haven't slept, i can now. Why doesn't Niall want me not to leave? Everything I once saw was now gone. Niall took my hand, pulling me away from Louis. I let him hold my hand, till he said the unexpected. 


"You'll be on tour with us. But don't talk to my girlfriend." 


"What did I do?" 


"Nothing." We reached the car and I sat in front with Paul, I didn't need to deal with his shit. I looked down, as Niall did too. I hated looking at him like this. Louis poked my shoulder  and I looked back. He pointed to Niall crying, 


"he doesn't have a girlfriend. The boys don't talk to him. He misses you more than you know. He needs you to comfort him." 


"Lou, he put me where I was." 


"Please." I nodded and he smiled. We arrived to the airport, they were two months into the tour, so they're in Ohio.



I opened me eyes to reveal a sleeping Niall. His arms were wrapped around my torso. I was curled into a ball. I looked to see the boys watching us. I tried moving, but Niall pulled me closer and he wouldn't let go. I shook him and he awoke. He smiled and I blushed looking down, we pulled away and he chated with the boys. He went and sat by Liam. A girl who was once infront of us, sat by me. 


"Well, it's always nice to see you. With Niall", she sneers. I see the boys looking my way. Niall's eyes flash of anger. Did he know her? I stayed speechless, as he made his way over to this girl. She looks at him and smiles, she stands up. Her skirt showing off her underwear. Her top too revealing. She has long bleach blond hair. She has big green eyes, and perfect figure. She's tan, as I'm paler. Compared to her. She has on heels, and bangles go around her wrists. Niall looks disgusted, she was pushing herself on him. 


"Alex", he mutters. She smiles. 


"Don't I look better Niall. How do I look?" My mouth dropped, as I was sitting right here. Niall looked at me and I nodded. 


"Tell her Niall." 


"Very. Fit." My mouth dropped he really just said that. The girls gasped, and the boys looked shocked. I moved from my seat next to El, since Harry was by Louis. She hugged me, she was flirting with him. He was flirting right back. I sunk down in the seat. She kissed his cheek. Then went back to her seat. His blue eyes found mine. I didn't realize I was crying till El sipped my cheek. Perrie and Dani glared at Niall. He didn't even know what he did. I cannot believe I forgave him. 


"What did I do?" 


"Nothing Niall", I snap, "Nothing." 




I walked off with Lou and El. Niall trailed behind talking to that slut. I didn't even know who she was. 


"Who is she El?" 


"His ex that changed him." I was a directioner and totally forgot. I remember her now, I nodded and we got in the vans. I got in a seperate one from Niall. I sat in the back as I saw the girl in the other van. My mouth went dry, she can't be staying with them. Where would I sleep? With Harry? We pulled up and I saw Paul get my bags. I walked by him, 


"She's staying with us. I'm sorry Addy." I would be with harry. At least I won't have to deal with him. 

I nodded and followed Harry, as he took my hand for me to follow him. We took the elevator(lift if your British). I smiled at him, we reached our floor. There stood Niall and Alex kissing. I looked at Harry and he led me to his room. Niall grabbed my wrist as Alex went to a different room down the hall. His blue eyes looked into mine. 

"Why are you with Harry." 


"Because of that twig bitch. I really aren't good enough for Niall Horan", I laugh, "I'm just your play toy. You said she looked fit in front of me. I have forgiven you way to many times. I'm tired of trying to help." He gripped my forearms. I cried in pain, he's abusing me. I looked at him. He wouldn't let go. Anger flashed through his eyes. 

"Niall. Please your hurting me." He didn't let go but held tighter, I cried loudly because of the pain. I saw Paul walk out to see Niall on me. But he couldn't pull him off. Tears streamed down my eyes. He didn't care. His eyes turned darker, and scarier than I have ever seen. His grip hardened, and I fell to the ground. He held me, I looked at him. Scared of what he'll do. I squeaked out one word. 

"Niall." He looked normal and at my face. He let go and fingerprints covered both arms. He looked at me. I hid my face. 

"Princess, please don't cry." 

I was lifted up, by Paul. He carried me to Harry and I's room. He laid me on my own bed. Niall knocked at the door and I yelped at the sound. Harry came and hugged me. My hair hid my pained face. Niall came through the door. He looked at me. I looked into his watery eyes. Alex was gripped to his waist. She laughed at me. Harry kissed my head. He whispered in my ear that he'd take care of it. 

-Harry's POV-
I pushed them both out. Niall looked guilty while Alex was smiling. 

"Niall what were you doing? You scared Addy, she is so broken cause of you." He nods and Alex scoffed and walked away, while Niall watched her butt move. I hit his head, and he looked at me. He was addicted to Alex. 

"Addy tried so hard for you. She had Simon stop paying her when it was still fake."

"Sh- she did?" I nod and cross my arms Niall walks off and I return to the sleeping girl. The bruises were easily seen, I know I wanted to use her. But I'm done with it. I want her safe, I took her hand. She opened her eyes. 

"I won't hurt you ever again Addy. I've seen Niall put you down too much." She smiled and hugged me. Then she faced me, her eyes looking into mine. I cupped her face in my hands and we both leaned in. I gently kissed her and she smiled, pulling back. She blushed and looked down. I saw the yellow bruise on her cheek. 

"Want me to get some movies?" She nodded and smiled. I got up going to ask Paul. I think m falling for her. 

-Niall's POV-
I watched as Paul and Harry left. I walked to their room to find Addy of her phone. She saw me, and coward back. I walked to her and she ran, but I caught her wrist causing her to yelp. I hurt her again. Fear ran through her eyes.

"Niall please don't hurt me." 

"I'm not going to baby." She tried pulling but I won't let go. She cried in pain, and I let go. I backed her to a wall. She put her hands up, but I put them down. I felt a rush of anger, I hit her hard. She cries and I look at my hands. She fell down, 

"What did I do Niall? I loved you! I-I thought I needed you. But you proved me wrong." 

"Addy, baby. Look at me." I saw her face, a red mark on her cheek. Tears filled her beautiful eyes. She was shaking, then Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam came in. Alex was behind them. I got up and walked away, Alex following. I was crying. What am I doing?

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