Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


13. Wanting it to be real...

*Addy's POV*
I sat on my bed, not looking at anything. Except for the text I got from Max. Mom has a couple weeks left. I told Niall, and Simon's letting us go to Minnesota to see her. Niall's arm was wrapped around my waist. My suitcase was in front of me.

"Addy we're leaving today, you'll be able to see her." I looked at him, tears filling my eyes. He kissed my cheek and we got up. I grabbed my suitcase and Niall went to his room to grab his. I felt a pair of arms around me. I turn to see Harry. I have fear rush through me, he kisses my neck.

"Leave me alone", I say. He smirks against my skin. Niall comes put and Harry pulls away, Niall takes my hand leading me down the stairs. Paul is going to drive us, because of all the fans. I put my suitcase in the trunk of the car along with Niall. Slowly, I got in not really wanting to be with my mom when she dies. My mind was racing and nothing seemed real. Niall sat beside me, closing the door as we drove off.

Soon, we made to to the airport and Paul helped me get my things out of the trunk. He decided to buy us our plane tickets. We stood in line hearing the fans yell and scream his name. I feel Niall pull me close because of the clawing fans. I rest my head of his shoulder as we board the plane. We find our seats and I sit by the window, minding my own business.

Niall's hand rested atop of mine. I looked at him, realizing our feelings have become real. That's all I wanted was for this, us to be real. I see him smile at me, his whole facial feature tells me something he can't.

"Addy, I-I talked to Simon. He says if you still want then we can have this be a real relationship." I smiled widely at him.

"Of course." He smiles back at me and wraps his arm around my shoulder hugging me. I put my head on his shoulder, blocking out the thoughts that crept in my mind. I watched as we lifted into the air, I needed to see my mom. I need to know she can be proud of me.


We made it to the hospital after max picked me and Niall up. He kept looking at Niall then back to me. We reached the hospital and I was eager to se my mother. Niall and I walked in hand-in-hand. Max leads us to her room. I held my breath as I saw my pale mother. I walked over to her leaving Niall and Max.

"Lets leave them", Max says to Niall.

"Mommy?", I say looking at her. She looks at me, her green eyes look so dull. She pats the spot by her, I lay down and who's my arms around her. I don't want to lose her, no I need her. I feel the tears fall and my mom was silent as I cried for her.

"Baby it's okay. You have Niall, isn't that what you always wanted?", she asks making me face her. She was right, every minute of everyday since I've known about One Direction I've loved Niall. Now, I'm is girlfriend. No one excepted me for it. I nodded and she smiled and kissed my forehead. Mom and Max were the only people left in my family. Now I only have Max, but I'm going to lose him.

"I don't want you leaving me."

"I know baby. But I'll watch over you in heaven." Now, my mom is very religious. I loved it about her, something she had a passion for was amazing. I kissed my moms forehead. I was going to stay with her till the minute she died.

"Sleep, I'll have you in my arms", mom says as my eyelids get heavy.


"She's so beautiful when she sleeps", Niall says as I lay by my mom. I feel her arms tighten as I move. She does this so I don't leave her. My whole life, I've never thanked her for a lot of things. I opened my eyes, seeing Max and Niall talking and mom watching me. I smiled up at her. She told me to act asleep so we could listen to Max and Niall speak.

"Was she stubborn and bratty when y'all first met?"

"Yes very. She didn't really trust me till the second week we were together."

I giggle and they look at me, Max shakes his head long with Niall. I pull from my mothers arms and wrap them around Niall's waist and his arms go around me. He kisses my head and I laugh.

"My little girl grew up."

I smiled at her, Max pats Niall's shoulder. He whispers something in his ear, that I can't quite hear. Niall nods and follows Max out the door. I sit my mom taking her hand. She was the only one I could really rely on when I grew up. Max was four by the time I was born. He's 23 now.

"Mommy I don't want you leaving me."

"I know baby."

I looked at the monitor. Her heart rate was slowing,

"mom please stay strong." She kissed my cheek and had me leave as she pushed the button for the nurse. I couldn't move Max, Niall and doctors came. I watched them take care of mom.

"Mommy." Niall took my hand, I didn't move. Max had to help him get me out, my mom died in front of me. She's gone, and I can't do a thing. I wouldn't cry, I walked out of the hospital.

"Addy!", Max and Niall called. I left out the front door and fell to the ground. Mom, is gone. I can't be losing her, my dad only loved Max. Dad took Max from mom and I when I was four. I pulled my legs up to my chest, she was always so proud of me. No one is now, Niall came out. He sat down by me and hugged me. I wouldn't cram no matter how bad I wanted. The tears stinged my eyes.

"Just cry baby." I let them fall, I put my face in his chest. He held me, he's been so caring. I felt the world fall beneath my feet. Caring about everything was something that didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered, my heart was so gone. I pushed Niall off of me, he grabbed my wrist. He turned me to face him. I didn't need anyone. He took away from dream of going to the U of M.

"Leave me alone Niall."

"Don't you care?"

"Of course I do. I just don't need you anymore", I say and regretted it. I ran off, feeling like a bitch. I heard him whisper,

"but I need you."

*Niall's POV*
I ran after her, I caught up with Addy and grabbed her arms yanking her back. She yelped in pain. I just hurt her. She tried pushing me off but couldn't.

"I don't need anyone Niall."

I looked at the broken girl, she watched her mom die. I held her she was crying, I kissed her head. I brought her bad to the hospital and she looked down. Max was waiting for us, and he hugged her. Their relationship is so natural. I wish I had a sister. Her blue eyes were watery. She pulled away and came to me, but didn't touch me.

"You go back to London, I'll call you when her funeral is."

She nods and I take her hand leading her to the car. She wouldn't look at me. I opened the door and she got in. I lightly closed the door and walked to my side. She was fiddling with her fingers as I started the engine, she seemed so broken. As if nothing could fix this. Liam, Louis, Zayn, Max and I are the only ones left to care about her. I examined her facial expression, she showed nothing but sadness.

"Addy p-", I started to say.

"I'm fine, lets just head back to London." She didn't look at me when she said it. Her whole entire personality has changed in a matter of hours.


I saw her look disoriented as she sat on the couch. Nothing seemed to bother her, she was in thought.

"How long as she been like this?", Louis asked as Liam, him, Dani and El came up to me.

"Since she watched her mum die." Dani and El go to her sitting by her. I sighed and watched as she would barley talk. She didn't have an emotion in her voice, no teas left to shed. Dani and El hugged her. But she didn't hug back. El and dani got up saying something. Alls Addy did was nod. They walked away and I knew Addy wouldn't be the same.
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