Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


20. Tour and cheating?

*Addy's POV*

I watched as the boys left for tour. I wasn't able to come and I wish I was able to. I knew problems would happen with fans, but I didn't want to be away from Niall for seven months. I walked inside my house, with the sun shining brightly on my back. No one seemed to notice. I shut the door and quickly locked it, not wanting anyone to get in. I walked to the kitchen, and to my fridge. I pulled out an apple and a water bottle. Those are the only things I could early handle right now. I took a bite from the apple and walked to the living room, sitting on my couch. I grabbed my laptop and went on twitter. Though Niall didn't want me to. I did anyways. I saw the loads if hate piling on top of each other. 


I grabbed my phone and taught about texting Niall. Did I? No. He would bitch at me for no listening to him. I sighed and closed my computer. I turned on the TV. I turned on TMZ. It was my favourite show. Then again, I could be doing something active. No, I was too lazy. 



*Niall's POV*

We arrived at the hotel the next day. We were surrounded by fans, and I saw a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very fit, and had skinny legs, she was also very tall. She saw me looking and smiled. I walked to the bus and got in. I couldn't let someone make me lose her. No, not yet. I got un and we all almost collapsed on the ground. I put my stuff by the bunk I would share with Louis. Zayn shared with Harry, Liam and Paul shared a bunk. It was different not having Addy here. We'd be gone for so long. I told her seven months. But that was a lie, we'd be gone at least nine. I couldn't wait to get back to her. I saw trending on my twitter




She didn't listen to me, and sprhey were going to hurt her. I couldn't let that happen. I soon saw Harry resting on the top bunk. He looked peaceful. Because Addy wasn't here to stop him if he did something. I needed her here, but I couldn't get her to come. Simon didn't allow it. But Perrie, El and Dani got to come. Why not Addy? I sighed and laid down. I didn't need him stopping this. I knew something would go wrong on tour, I'd hurt her and lose my princess. 




we arrived at the hotel and got out, we waved to the passing fans. Once again I saw the girl. She was right there in the lobby. I sighed as Paul got our keys. I was going to get lonely on your without Addy. We may fight, but that's what keeps me going. We got into the elevator and I saw the girl get in. Paul didn't mind, but I did. She wasn't an ordinary fan. She was as close as anyone can get besides Addy. 


She got off and winked at me. I sigh as the door closes, she's gunna get me to cheat. I know it. We arrived to our floor and I went to my room. One bed filled the gigantic room. I fell on the bed and called Asdy. I needed to hear her voice to know I'd be okay. To know I could survive the months without her. She answered and it made me happy. 


"Niall it's five in the morning." 


"Babe, I wanted to hear your voice." 


"I know Ni. But I'm tired, isn't it like 11:00 there?" 




"Go to bed and call me in the morning." She hung up and I sighed, I plugged in my phone and took my shoes off. I pulled the duvet back and laid down. I pulled the duvet to my chest and closed my eyes. I knew without Addy, my temptations would come back. I needed her here, I picked up my phone  and called Simon. 


"Yes Niall?" 


"Simon I need Addy here. I know I'll cheat on her if she isn't here. Please, Dani and El will here." He sighs and huffs. 


"Okay I'll call her." 


I was happy, he changed his mind. Nine months without her would be hell. No one would listen to me if I tried to explain if I cheated on her. I'd lose her, and I don't want to lose her. There was a knock on my door. I opened it and in walked the girl from the elevator. I moved and shut my door, what the hell does she think she's doing? I clam myself as she looks around the room. I wanted to be dreaming. She was very fit. I looked at her up and down. She smiled at me, and looked around. Finally she spoke, 


"So, you don't really like that freak girlfriend of yours. Do you?" Unbelievable. What kind of question is that? Of course I love Addy. 


"Yes, I do love her. I have no plan on cheating on Addy." She scuffs and sits by me, her hand rests on my knee. She kisses my neck and I shutter under her touch. She smirks at me and pulls away. She looks at me and crosses her arms over her flat chest. She makes me face her, she kisses me. I fought back at her touch. She wasn't doing this to me. She takes my hand and puts them on her hips. I pushed her away from me. 


"You need me Niall Horan." 

*Addy's POV*

"Yes, Niall said he needs you before he cheats." I was so happy, he actually wanted me there. I put my stuff into suitcases.


"Thanks Simon. For letting me go", I say and hang up. I put the last things I needed for seven months and headed to get a cab. I called one and they drove me to the airport. I got out my phone, telling Niall I was coming. He responded saying okay. We arrived and I grabbed my things thanking the man. I walked in and bought a ticket. 


"Plane to Minneapolis boarding now." I smiled and headed for my line. I saw fans lining up and watching me. I looked at them and handed the lady my ticket. She smiled and let me go aboard. I walked with my carry on bag. I needed to see Niall, I knew he wouldn't hurt me. Right? But I had this gut feeling. 




Paul picked me up and we drove to the hotel. He was quiet when usually he was always talking. Something was up, I knew it. But I ignored it and looked at the familiar surroundings. I looked as we passed the zoo. So many memories, I smiled. As we pulled up the the hotel I knew what I would see. Niall and another girl kissing. We got out and Paul grabbed my stuff, I knew the people who worked at this hotel. I walked in and I saw him. Zach. He looked up, my best friend. 


"Addy?", he asks. I nod and he smiles and hug me, he's been apart of my life for so long. I missed him, Paul cleared his throat. I nodded, 


"I have to go. But call me okay?" 


"Yeah." I give him my number and join Paul. He pushed the three button and we went up. I closed my eyes hoping to see Niall with the boys. Not some girl. 

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