Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


9. Things are getting difficult

As Ed preformed on stage with the boys, I couldn't help but smile. I mean, this is everything they've all wanted. I start feeling sick, so I head backstage, to watch them with Lou and Lux. I walk in the room, and sit down.

"You okay Addy?", Lou asks.

"Yeah, just getting dizzy from standing."

"Well, we need to cover up that bruise."

She walks out of the room to get makeup and comes back with her makeup. Is it there, while she does my makeup, to cover up the horrid bruise Harry left. I watch them and can't help but feel like. They would be better off without me.

"Done", she says smiling.

"Thank you Lou!", I say.


The boys come back and Niall worriely looks at me. I watch as the others sit down but, he takes my hand leading me from the room. I smile wearily at him.

"Are you alright?", he asks.

"Yeah, just a little tired."

"Don't lie to me Addy", he says.

"Why? I don't have to tell you everything that happens! This isn't real Niall!", I say and walk off. Though I want it to be. Someone grabs my wrist and it's Niall.

"What do you want Niall?"

"I want to know what's up. I don't care of this isn't real I care about you and I want to know whats bothering you." I bite my lip looking down, should I listen to El and tell him.

"I love you Niall. Just like you said to me. I have to deal with Harry cause of you do anything he'll hurt you. Please understand why I didn't tell you." Niall looked at me, pulling me close.

"I understand." I smiled at him and he leaned in and so did I. Slowly, I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms went around my waist. His lips touched mine and it was amazing. He brushed his tongue against my bottom lip. I let him in and we wrestled for dominance.

"Well she is a whore", Harry says. I pull away quickly, and look at him leaning against the wall.

"Leave me alone", I growl. Harry walks over pushing Niall away. Harry grabs my wrist and pulls me to him.

"He can't do anything because it's fake. Your gunna be mine Addy." Niall didn't move, he knows I don't want him interfering. I see the others watching out the corner of my eyes. El, Dani and Perrie watched as Liam and Louis made their way over. I didn't say a word, his emerald green eyes pierced into me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Harry smirked,

"Cat got your tongue?" I look down and Harry knew he won once again. Liam pulled me back and Louis glared at Harry.

"Addy say something", El says. I open my mouth again, but no words come out. I look at her, I lost my voice. Niall wraps his arms around me.

"It's okay Addy", Niall says. My phone rings and Niall takes it.

"Hello? Yep. Okay", he says.

I look at Niall for answers. He takes my hand leading me to another room.

"Your mum has cancer and is in the hospital." Tear automatically spring into my eyes. I feel them stream down my cheeks. Niall hugs me and I cry into his chest. This can't be happening, my mom is in the hospital. I look up at him, and it's like he can read my thoughts.

"I'll get you a ticket." I smile and he wipes away my tears. My mom is too young for this. We walk back and Dani, El, and Perrie come to me.

"What happened?", El asks. Niall comes over and whispers in her ear and she tells the others. They all hug me, "I'm getting her a ticket so she can see her." They nod and Niall walks out of the room. I sit by El and she hugs me.

"Don't worry Addy, she's gonna be okay when you get there." Niall shortly came back and took my hand I looked at the others. Soon Paul followed us and we got in. I laid my head on Niall's lap, not able to look at him. We head to the hotel to get my things.

"I'm gonna miss you Addy. Please be safe", Niall says. I nod and he smiles, we made it to the hotel and we got out and walked inside hand in hand. He opened the door and I got my things together. This is their last stop on their tour and they're gonna be here for a while. I put my laptop in its case and in the suitcase and grabbed my phone charger from the wall. I looked at Niall as he helped me with my stuff. He opened the door, letting me through.

We walked toward the elevator. He presses the 1 button. We ride down in silence as we wait to get down. As soon as we get down, Paul walks us out. My life is turning to hell. I need to be there for my mom. I can't leave her alone. I hope Niall can understand...
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