Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


33. Starting Over

*Addy's POV* 

I giggled as Niall was talking in his interview. He smiled and kept talking. We've been strong. His blue eyes sparkled as they ran backstage. Niall wraps his arm around my waist. Showing I'm his and only his. Five Seconds of Summer had joined us on tour. Michael has been checking me, and Niall is oblivious to it. We slowly walk back to the tour bus. They've added bunks for the boys of 5SOS. Niall, walks toward Ashton leaving me behind. I sigh and walk on board, only to have Michael race to me. He slipped his fingers through mine, leading me toward the music room. 

Why do I let him do this to me? I've betrayed Niall more than I can explain. Michael has been so gentle, and listens to my needs. He gives me my needs. As soon as the door was shut and locked, he had me pushed against the wall. He smiles and looks at me, completely. I know, I'm a slut and I don't deserve Niall. Right as Michael went to kiss me. I pulled back. He looked worried. His green eyes are no longer sparkling with anticipation to kiss me. 

"I can't keep doing this, Michael. It isn't fair to Niall." 

"He isn't being fair to you, Addy. You deserve better." 

There was a pounding on the door. I scrambled to find a guitar and Michael unlocked the door. Sitting on the bench next to the door. Please don't be Niall. Please, oh, please do not be Niall. But I was right. It is Niall. He's looking at us suspiciously. I smile and walk to him. Michael gives me his pleading eyes. 

'Tomorrow' I mouth.

He nods, and Niall pulls me out. Of course he brings us to our bunk. The first thing he does is point for me to lie down. He watches me as I climb in. His blue eyes stare at me until he finally catches himself. 

"This isn't working, Addy. Our relationship. I've tried so hard to make it better. But it's not working. You'll, uh, stay on tour. But, we aren't together. I'm going back to Alex."

I fight the tears that are ready to spill. But they don't. I nod and close the curtain. Time to shut everyone out. He sighs and walks off. That's when they come. I don't make a noise as the tears fall. My curtain opens and someone climbs in next to me. Arms wrap around my waist, and I knew who it was. Michael. He actually cares if my feelings get hurt. 

I knew Niall was never over Alex. But at least I had the chance to believe he cared. I turn around and bury my face in his chest. 


*Louis' POV* 

I watched as Niall told her the truth. He doesn't love her. I watch as her face slightly reds and then she nods. He smiles and walks away. I watch as Michael looks at her. She closes the curtain and I know she's crying. Michael climbs in and i know something's up. I hear the sobs that comes from Addy. Liam, Zayn, and Harry look at me. I point to the blond lad. Calum, Ashton and Luke look at him as well. 

But Niall doesn't seem to care that he's hurt Addy. Harry's expression changes because he knows Addy is still in love with Niall. But now she's in love with Michael. The thing is, Michael and Addy are more alike than you'd think. 

"Please don't cry, Addy", Michael says. 

I hear her stifle her cries. 


*Michael's POV* 

I watched as her eyes slightly closed. How could he say that? I know she's in love with him. She's tried so hard to make things better, they're relationship was never perfect. But I do know she cared so much for that Irish boy. I contemplate leaving her to sleep. But I know how bad she'll hurt when she wakes. She'll be searching for me. She crinkles her brows as she sleeps. 

A slight grunt escapes from her lips. She grips my shirt, not letting go. Next concert I'll dedicate Heartbreak Girl to her. 

"Michael?", an Irish accent rings. 

I look behind me and see Niall standing there, looking hopeless and sad. 


"How bad did I hurt her?" 

"I don't know. She cares Niall. Did Alex ever cry when you broke up with her?" 

"No", he whispers. 

I nod and Addy whines. She doesn't let go of my shirt. Not that I mind. 

"Leave her be for awhile Niall. I don't think she'll come back." 

He nods and walks away. 

"Michael?", Addy asks. 

I look over at the blue haired girl. She looks tired and lonely. How I know that feeling. Addy takes my hand and she sighs, I know she heard what I said and she's ready to lecture me about it. 

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