Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


8. Secrets are meant to be kept

We've arrived in New York for the boys show at MSG. I sat in the hotel room on my iPhone. Niall came up behind me and watched me.

"What are you doing love?", Niall asks resting his chin on my shoulder.

"Trying to talk to my mom. She won't answer", I say sadly.

He takes my phone from me and puts it in his pocket. He gets up and gives me one of his Jack Willis sweaters. I slip it on and my Uggs. He takes my hand, pulling me out to the hallway. Liam and Louis are with Dani and El, while Perrie won't go near Zayn. Paul leads us out, and to the cars. Which will bring us to Madison Square Garden. We got into cars, I share with Harry, El, Dani, Perrie and Liam. Liam and Dani are in front. El and Perrie behind them. Of course, not in my control. I'm stuck with Harry. I sit as far away from him as I can.

He smirks and pulls me close to him, by Niall's sweater. He grips my wrist and I try not to whimper. But as quiet as it was Perrie heard me. She looks back at us and sees me close to Harry. I shake my head no and she turns around. We pull up and Harry whispers in my ear,

"Babe, me and you are going to have fun."

I pull away and get out where Niall is waiting. He holds my hand, pulling me close to him.

"Did he touch you?", Niall asks.

"No." Niall looks at me and looks at my eyes, he hugs me. I hug him back, not wanting to ever let go. But we did and went inside. Right away Lou pulls them to go practice. I sit with the girls and they look at me.

"Hun are you okay?", Dani asks. I shake my head and look at them, they come over, Perrie is to my right, El to my left. Dani, being the weirdo she is pulled a chair in front of me.

"It's Harry he's been really attached to her lately", Perrie says speaking for me. I nod and they squish me in a group hug.


The boys come back and Niall places me on his lap. I lay my head on his chest, while he strokes my hair. I look at Harry he's watching me. The concert was in a couple hours. So the boys just wanted to relax, surprisingly Niall hasn't asked for food. I clutch his shirt, Niall just holds me. Everything was quiet and it was nice. Harry's phone had rung and he looked at Zayn they both got up and left. Which soothed the tension in the air.

"Are you okay Addy?", Louis asks.

I look at him, I was too scared to speak. I looked down and El explained to him. He nods and I just hold onto Niall.

"Can we get food?", Dani whines.

"Sure", Liam says. Liam, Dani, Perrie, El and Louis get up.

"Want us to get you two food?", Perrie asks.

"Yeah", Niall says. They nod and leave, while I get off of Niall. I look at him, wanting my iPhone. He knew what I wanted and handed me my phone. I smiled and sat back down on him. He made me face him.

"Addy say something", he says worriedly.

"Your weird", I smile. He pretends to be hurt and puts his hand on his heart. Niall pulled me close to him, and our foreheads touch.

"People keep interrupting us", he says. I laugh and we lean in, but Harry and Zayn burst through the door. I pull back and look at the two boys. I hold onto Niall and Harry glares at me. They come back and Niall pulls me up, we walk to eat with them. They got McDonalds. My favorite!

As we ate, I felt like someone was watching me. I looked to see Harry. I drink the rest of my Dr. Pepper and throw my things away.

"I'll uh, be back", I say to Niall. He nods, and I hurry to the restroom. I open the door and close it. I lean against the wall of the inside of the room. The door opens and in comes El. I'm so happy it's her.

"Are you okay Addy?", she asks.

"No, Harry's been threatening me. I don't want Niall to do anything about it, cause he'll get hurt."

"Wow, but have you told Niall how you feel?", El asks.

"No, cause in July I'm done being his 'girlfriend' and I'm going to collage."

"You can still tell him. I know he's told you how he feels. He's waiting for you Addy. Lets hope it isn't too late for you", she says leaving. I see her join the girls and Niall, Louis and Liam. They leave and I walk out. I feel arms wrap around me. I jump and see Harry.

"Let me go", I growl.

"You've been telling."

"Yeah, Eleanor and she hasn't told anyone dickweed. So let me go." He doesn't and I try kicking him, but it doesn't work. He pushes me to the wall, "I said don't talk about it. You'll get it tonight", Harry says letting me go. I walk slowly behind him. Letting him go in the room first. Then, after a couple mintues I join them. I sit on Niall and he makes an 'oof' sound.

"Sorry", I say. He smiles, and then Lou comes in with Lux. She hands Lux off to me.

"Don't touch her Harry", Lou says pointing to my cheek.

"I didn't do that", he says defensively.

"Really? Cause I saw you do it", she says, "Come on boys. Lets go change your clothes and do hair and makeup."

They groan but get up, Niall moves me and closes the door. I'm so happy Lou is putting Harry in his place.

"Damn, she got Harry", Perrie says.


I let Lux walk around the room. She couldn't reach the doorknob so she's good. I sit with El, Dani and Perrie. I move my hair behind my ear and watch Lux.
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