Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


26. Seclusion is the worst when you're heartbroken

-Addy's POV-


I sat on my bed, I was curled up. I felt sick still, I ran to the bathroom. I puked, it's been a month since I've seen Niall. A month since I was raped. A month since I left this damn house. The only other living creatures in my house, was a kitten and puppy. I watched as the kitten climbed into my lap. I pet her, I named her Lily. Angus my puppy jumped up on the bed. I smiled and laid down, with the animals cuddling into my side. 


I looked to see El, Dani and Perrie in the doorway. I looked down as they say by me. 


"He called me a whore, slut and skank."  They hugged me, all except El. She kknew I kissed Lou. I take her hand, but she pulls back. 


"You kissed my boyfriend Addy. That's worse then what Niall said. Because you are a whore and slut. Your my best friend! You don't do that." 


"Then go! If you hate so much El then leave! That's all everyone is doing! I don't need anyone anymore. No one cares", I say. She got up and left and Dani and Perrie looked at me. Perrie followed El. I looked at Dani, she stayed. Not leaving me alone. 


"Addy. Your stomach looks bigger? Are you alright?" I shrugged and she stood me up. She looked at me up and down. She then gasped, and smiled. 


"You're pregnant", she says. I look into her brown eyes, my eyes watered. The rape, I can't go through with this. She looked at me, she didn't know I was raped. 


"I was raped Dani. It's not Niall's." her mouth dropped, she turns her back, and I know she'll leave me. The last person in my life is gonna leave me. She walked away and when's he looked at me. A disgusted look came on her face. The last person left me. 




Everyones gone, I fell to the ground. My front door slammed, and I slowly got up. Laying on the bed, I faced the pillow. I cried, everyone left me. My dog, snuggled himself into my armpit. I didn't look at him, I didn't want this kid. I didn't want to leave this house. Lily laid on my back. I screamed into the pillow, no one cared. 

-Harry's POV-


"I left her along with Dani and Perrie. She's a slut", El said on the phone to Lou. 



"El, she didn't kiss me. I kissed her, Niall almost killed her. I can't believe you, she has no one left." 


"Lou, she's pregnant. She was raped, she is a whore, no one cares for her anymore", Dani says. I can't believe they all left her, we left her. Everyone was leaving her. I saw her face when Niall helped her. I knew she needed someone. I walked into the main room of the tour bus. Lia, and Zayn talked while Niall was in the floor of the kitchen. He left her, he made her feel what he felt. But it's 10x worse for her. He had tears falling down his cheeks. 


"Can I die yet Harry? I know what I did to her." 


"She had no one Ni. The boys and I walked out on her. You walked out on her, the girls walked out on her. She has absolutely no one. She's pregnant with some creeps kid." He looked at me and back down, no one was there but Liam and I for him. He cried and Liam walked from Zayn over here. 


"She called me. She's gunna kill herself", Liam whispered. She was going to kill herself and the baby. Niall's voice caught in his throat. He ran to his bed and I knew he was hurt. I ran my head though my hair. I couldn't believe what's happened. Louis walked past us. He hated Addy as much as El, Perrie, Dani and Zayn. As much as she hated herself. No one wanted to know her. No one wanted to see her, or hear her. 


"She can die. Addy is just a waste of space", Lou told Zayn. He nodded, everything was going back to the way it was. Liam looked at me, we knew she would. No one could stop her, no one would care. 

-Addy's POV-










Skank , 


not worth it. 


I looked at the posts on Twitter. My life is hell, I don't matter. I cut my arm six more times. Each cut represented each time I was hated. That's when I saw Max. He looked at me, I was too skinny. Too broken. He moved my hair. 


"Baby sister", he says. 


"Take me to the hospital. Take me away from here", I said. He hugged me and laid on my bed. The only caring person left on this Earth. He kissed my head, as Angus licked my face. I smiled at him. Two months, two months till they're back. They cut it short. I wanted my mom. But I lost her. I heard footsteps and saw two faces. Dani and Perrie. They came to face me, and Max shut his eyes.


"Addy, Lou. H-h-he hates you. He wants you to die. He wants Niall to know what it's like to lose someone. For good." 


"B-but he kissed me", I barley stutter. I pulled away from Max and locked myself in the guest room. I leaned against the door. Pictures of Niall, the boys and I hung up. One of Louis,El and I sat there. We were smiling, but they time was over. Dani and Perrie pushed the door open and I had them sit by me. Dani took my arms. One hundred total cuts on both arms. She hugged me like when I first met her. 


"C'mon, you need to go to the hospital. Lou, can't get you there. Okay?", Perrie spoke softly. I nodded as they had me change to jean shorts and a blue tank top. I slipped on my shoes a d we went to their car. I sat in the back, and they drove. My mind was all over the place. All I wanted was to be happy...

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