Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


31. Lying only to have the truth be told

-Niall's POV-

I sat wondering why she would leave. yes, I did make her miserable but was it just as hard for her as it was for me? Maybe it's time to realize she's moved on. As Harry walked through the door, I hurried to him. I wanted to know why she would just leave. Harry looked at me, like he was surprised I would talked to him. I needed to know why she would leave all of us behind. 

"Why did Addy leave?"

"she didn't. But maybe she told you that because she wants you to move on." 

"Thanks harry." 

He nodded and I sighed, I wish I hadn't messed this all up. Getting up, I decided to see Addy. This wasn't working, being with Alex. Soon enough, she was there. Standing in front of me. A glare she put on so well. Addy's eyes weren't sparkling. Pure hate spread across her face as I pushed her inside. Addy hates me, she always will. 

"So you know. I hate you Niall! Your with Alex constantly I watch you laugh with her. Niall, I considered you my best friend. My only friend besides Liam. But, now I don't know what to do. Last thing you as aid that's stuck in my mind. Was that I'm a whore." 

She scoffed and turned away from me, as Alex entered her house. Alex jumped on my back. She has me wrapped around her finger. Nothing registered in my mind considering Addy. All my attention focused onto Alex. Lingering words in my mind from Addy made me realize I really don't deserve her. I was her only friend.

"lets go baby", Alex says getting off me. 

Addy watched us, and Alex noticed. So she kissed me roughly. And all I could do was kiss her back. Alex, she's fit. She's everything I wanted. But Addy, she was the one I was waiting for. She walked by and whispered in my ear. 

"Take that slut out of my house. I don't want to see you again." Watching, I dragged Alex out. 

-Addy's POV-
She stood there kissing him, and all I wanted to do was punch that pathetic girl in the face. But Niall loved her, more than anything. Everything he said to me was a lie. I needed to move on in my life. But the fucking contract I signed forces me to stay until Niall forces me to leave. Simon knows about Alex, but keeps my contract. I sat on my bed, looking at the street. Soon, my bed sunk and kisses were delivered to my neck. No smile formed on my face. Harry tried getting me to move.

"he loves her, I give up Harry. There's no changing him, I want out of this stupid contract." 

"If that's what you want. I'll take you to Simon love", he says helping me up. Taking my hand, he guided me to his car. Niall stood outside of my house. A small smile he had faded, and soon I saw the anger that I feared; take over. My gut churned in my stomach. Because I knew what was coming. The air was knocked out of me as I was pushed from Harry. I couldn't breath, I struggled as my asthma kicked in. Harry and Niall looked at me as little breaths of air came out. Harry rushed to my side. He was the only one who knew of my asthma. 

"Niall get me an inhaler", Harry said. I had tears fall as I tried to breath. Harry held me trying to get me calmmed. Niall came out with Harry's as Harry helped me with my asthma attack. Once I could breath Niall backed away. Harry wasn't concerned about Niall. Hurt spread in Niall's eyes. He ran inside, and I looked at the ground. Things were so much easier at first. Harry helped me up as we drove to Simons. 


"you can't leave Addy. Niall's been hurting you, but I can't do a thing. You HAVE to change him, before you can leave." 

"Simon she had an Asthma attack because of Niall pushing her. She can't stay, she's in danger." 

"There's nothing I can do!" 

"Fine", I said and walked away, but they didn't pay attention to me. No one noticed me as I began to become a ghost. Walking alone to where I wanted was the best. No one looked, no one cared. Harry didn't pay attention to me. A lake was close and that was where I wanted to be. But as I reached it I saw Niall on the pier. He was going to hurt himself, the water was deep. He couldn't swim that well. 

I dived after him, knowing I couldn't bring him to surface. I saw him floating down. Grabbing his shirt, I tried my best to get him up. We surfaced and I swam to bring him to shore. With no phone with me I saw stuck. Who would care right? Tears sprung into my eyes. Trying hard to give him CPR, to save his life. But it didn't work. His face turned blue and I freaked. No one was around, and I was scared I'd loose him. 

"Niall please don't do this to me", I say. Soon, I saw Louis and the boys rushing over, Alex pushed me away. I sat to the side, as no one noticed me. They called an ambulance. My head dropped and I felt hands on my knees. Looking up, Zayn, Liam and Louis were there. Tears blurred my vision. 

"I'm doing this to him. Please get him to force me to leave. Please", I beg. 

"Addy, you saved him." 

"But he won't care, because I can't go to that hospital. Who will care that I saved him? Alex will take all the credit and I'll let her. He doesn't care anymore." Louis forced the others to go as he sat and hugged me. I struggled to get him to leave me alone to worry for myself. Giving up, I let him think he comforted me. Soon El was here and glared at me. Louis payed no attention. She forced him to leave and he did. She had me backed to a tree. Eleanor hated me like everyone else on this planet. 

"Leave Louis alone." 

"Eleanor, I'm sorry I kissed Louis. You have a right to hate me. Because I shouldn't of. But I tried saving Niall from killing himself. I have too much stress in my life. I want one person to be there. Please just leave me alone." 

The scowl that layon her face vanished. But, like I wanted. She left me, as I walked to the hospital. It was far away, so I had time to think. Strangers watched as I walked. They back their kids away. No one bothered to ask what was wrong. But I honestly don't care. The sky was getting darker by clouds. So I hurried to the hospital. As I reached the door, Alex pushed me out. Was I not allowed to see the person I saved? Walking back in, heads turned my way, and I kept my head down. I walked to the reception desk. Asking for Niall's room. Only to find out I couldn't see him. That I was a threat to his life. 

Leaving, I went home. Harry ran to me and clung to my waist. 

"Addy", he says. 

"I saved Niall! I'm a threat to his life? I must be because the reason he did it was me! I'm done screw Simon! Screw trying to wait for Niall! Leave me alone Harry!", I screamed. 

As I tried walking away, Harry held me. Not letting me go. The doctors who had been taking care of Niall were there. Wanting to know who saved Niall. Alex claimed she did, but she wasn't wet. Because she wanted his money. That's all. They spotted me and ran over. 

"Where you the one who saved Mr. horan?" I nodded and they dragged me inside to see him. My heart pounded in my chest, as to see him. We stopped and they pointed me in. Looking at him helpless hurt. TTies and words in him. His breathing was slow, and he was asleep. The door closed and I sat by him. Taking his hand and rubbing it calmed me. 

Slowly his eyes opened and he looked at me. No words came from him. 

"Addy don't cry." 

"You waned to kill yourself over me. Alex acts like you saved you. But she didn't. I know you love her, so I'll let her. Just be happy I care." As I went to get up, he stopped me. Forcing me to lay by him. Niall protectively hugged me. No words were spoken as I wished for this moment again. As I cried, hiccups came and he calmed me. My face was hidden in his chest. It hurt knowing he would do that. The boys and Alex came in. She pulled me from him, as she comforted him. Once again, I became the ghost. No one cared if I was here or not. I sat in the corner watching Alex and him kiss. 

I felt Harry's hands on mine. He hugged me as Alex and Niall hugged. We had our moment, but once Alex comes in I'm nothing. He didn't look at me. The boys left, as harry told me him and I could stay. Alex fell asleep next to him. Niall looked at me, and frowned. I was tired of this. Closing my eyes, I wrapped my arms around harry. He held me tightly and let me fall asleep.


"she's a slut, kissing Louis then dating Harry."

"Alex shut up! She hasn't done a thing! She saved Niall!", I heard Niall say. Harry tightened his arms around me.

"She's the reason he did it! Make that thing leave this planet who would care!", Alex says.

"Alex please stop", Niall pleaded.

"No Niall, we all know you tried to kill yourself because of her! You don't love her! no one will care if she dies." My eyes opened and everyone looked at me. Alex's eyes pierced into me. I stood up and she kicked me hard in the stomach.  She kept kicking me, as everyone tried getting her away. Soon, I couldn't move. She scoffed and left. Helpless they tried getting me up. 

"Leave me alone. I deserve it." Harry came to the floor and helped me up. Niall was pleading me with his eyes. 

"Niall, she can have you. Because I'm done. So done", I whisper. 

"Don't leave me Addy." 

"You already left me. Just say it. You love Alex, she's everything you want." He shook his head as I got strength to move. The boys left and I sat next to him. His blue eyes pleaded me to stay. 

"I made a mistake from the start. I made a hurting girl hurt more. I gave her hope, then destroyed it. Addy I'm selfish making you stay. It was selfish trying to hurt myself cause I could've killed you. I'll be stuck with Alex for as long as I can. Alex's messed me up so much." Shaking my head I got up, not letting him see me cry anymore. I just wanted this to be fast, not this long. But I should've known it would've taken this long. Getting up, I looked at him. 

"Addy, please." 

"Bye Niall." I shut the door and walked past them. Harry grabbed my wrist. 

"Don't leave now." With no choice, harry brought me outside, we sat on a bench. He made me face him, and I did. 

"Addy don't do this to him. Don't do this to yourself, look at him trying. Addy, he's tried. If you do this, he wouldn't survive." 

-Alex's POV-
I stayed by Niall and he wouldn't look at me. 

"What did she do Alex?! You're the reason she's here! But you messed me up so bad that I messed her up." 

"No I didn't. She brought you down!" 

"Alex I'm done with you!", he says. But I pressed my lips to his forcing him to kiss me. He pushed me away and glared. 

-Niall's POV-
Alex left and Addy came running in. She hugged me tightly and tears fell in my shirt. She didn't let go and I didn't mind. Because I wanted to fix everything. The boys came in and Harry didn't care. She was soon asleep on me and I made sure she wasn't moved.  The boys smiled and Simon was in here. He saw a sleeping Addy. 

"Her contract is done. She's done here now." That's when she looked up, she did this before she even came. He grabbed her wrist and she was gone. I sat up, and looked at them. 

"I'm sorry Niall", Harry says. 

Everything is in the way, I saw Simon and Addy bickering. Then I heard it. 

"Your done Addy. You want to be out so you are. I'm listing you as a danger to Louis." 

"I-", she says. 

"You're done. I don't care what you do, but you can't be in London." 

She sank down the wall and Simon came in, and looked at us. 

"You can't do that to her Simon. She'll be dead in hours. What if I contact her?", I asked. 

"Then you're out of One Direction. Alex is the only person who you can see." 

"She saved me!" A crash got our attention, and Harry and Zayn rushed out. 

-Zayn's POV-
A crash erupted our bickering. Harry and I raced out, and we saw Assy on the ground unconscious. Doctors rushed t get her to a room. They must've known she has asthma. Harry went with her and I went in. 

"It looks like she had an asthma attack." Simon scoffed and left. Niall got up, but I pushed him down. 

"Mate not a good idea alright? Harry will come back telling us." 


Harry took my hand and brought me to her room. She was barely breathing and doctors surrounded her. 

"She hyperventilated. I just don't know how, Simon. He's making her feel this way." Harry left to go to Simins office. dani, Perrie, and El came in. Perrie hugged me, El was right by her. She had her head on Addy. Louis came in to comfort El. Niall came in too, and Harry had returned with Simon. Who pulled Niall away form the room. Liam joined us. Shaking his head. 

"Simon is making sure Addy can't leave her house after she gets out. We can't contact her, she can't talk to the girls. I wish it wasn't like this. He letting Niall spend time with her while she's here. Then, he's done." Niall came back, and sat by El and Addy. El looked up sorry that she didn't help. We stayed all night El was asleep on Lou. Niall nor I could sleep. Due tot he fact we didn't know if she's gunna wake. Niall kissed her forehead. He's hoping she doesn't wake. So he can enjoy his time with her. 


Niall asked to be alone with her. So we left him with her. 

-Niall's POV-
I was losing her by every second. She looked like an angle like this. I had so little time, depending when she awoke. Doctors came in to check on my princess. No progress was being made. They left and the boys came in. Zayn was by me and settled his hand on my shoulder. Watching her like this hurt, Simon burst in. Pulling us all out, and talked to me. 

"I changed my mind. You're absolutely done now." He dragged us away and I watched as her room was out of sight. 

-Addy's POV-
I opened my eyes, thinking I heard Niall saying I love you. Simon was there. 

"You can't contact him."

I nodded as he left, I sighed as people came in. Forcing me to go home, not leaving. They'd stay outside. I drove in silence and they surrounded me as I walked inside. They slammed the door, and inside stood the boys. Niall came and hugged me. I hugged him and tears fell, they'd get in trouble. Of Simon found out Niall would be out. 

"This is my fault. I'm so sorry", I say. 

Niall pulled away and the others hugged me. Because I was a threat to them and soon I'd be the ghost they'd forget. Looking down, Niall face my chin up. Looking into his blue eyes, he kissed my cheek and they left. My screen door closed. I sat on my couch, and saw something sitting there. A necklace I've never seen before. Putting it on, it reminded me of Niall. Just seeing him one last time I knew this couldn't last forever. 

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