Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


25. Jealousy

-Addy's POV-

Nathan got me out of there and to my house. I thanked him, and went to go inside. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him. He kissed me and I saw flashes. Not like I was cheating on anyone. I put my hands on his chest, he pushed me inside. Shutting the door for privacy. I was enjoying this, and he knew it. He grabbed my legs telling me to jump. I did and he pushed me to a wall. I pulled away, and looked into his eyes.


"Nathan, I can't be doing this." 


"Yes you can", he says kissing my jawline. I can't help but feel vurnable under Nathan's touch. He knew I enjoyed this, but I don't know if he knew I was a virgin till I got raped. He started walking towards my stairs and I squirmed from his grip. When we reached the top of the stairs I got from his grip. He stared at me, his green-blue eyes looking into mine. 


"Your a virgin", he smiles backing me to a wall.


"no, I was raped idiot." I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I saw Simon. Nathan smirked at him. Nathan let me go and walked away, heading down the stairs. Simon looked at me, he was taking care of me. 

-Louis' POV-


I kissed El on the head, as she, Dani and Perrie left. She smiles and walks away, Niall, sat in the corner. He looked at me, for some sort of support. I shook my head, and he sighed. We walked to the cars. We were in London, for a break. We got dropped off a the complex and I saw Niall rush to his house. I sighed and brought my stuff inside. 


I decided to go see if Addy was home. I shut the door, to the flat Haz and I share. I walked down the street. Seeing no fans. When I came to her home, I saw her car. I knocked on the door, and she answered. She looked stunning, wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a belly shirt. Noticing, she blushes and lets me in. When she shut the door, I followed her to the kitchen. Her blue hair flowed down her back. She was very, very fit. I shouldn't be thinking that, but she is. 


"What's up Lou?" 


"Obviously your outfit change." She smiled and shakes her head. Eleanor totally left my mind, as I pulled Addy, toward me. She was taken back, looking up at me. I smirked at her, and I kissed her. She kissed back, and wrapped her arms around me. I grabbed behind her knees. Lifting her up and setting her on the counter. I don't know why I did this. But she enjoyed this, I pulled away. 


"Oh god", she whispers looking at me. I just cheated on El. She jumped off and ran up the stairs. I stood there thinking why she let me kiss her. The boys soon walked in, without Niall or Alex. The girls weren't with them. They found me, standing there. Harry looked at me, and I looked at him. 


"I kissed Addy." Their faces told everything. Addy walked in, keeping her head down. Harry grabbed her hand and they went to talk. Why would I kiss my best mates ex girlfriend? Or my girlfriends best friend? I looked at them, I was never one to cheat. 


"Please don't tell El", I say. 


"I won't Lou, it was an accident." I nodded and watched Harry and Addy. She smiled and hugged him. I didn't know what it was about but she looked happy. 

-Harry's POV-

"Addy, I think we should fake date, to make Niall jealous. He is with Alex every minute", I say. She smiled and hugged me. 




"Listen Niall's having a party with a bunch of people. I'm taking you, wear something sexy." I see her nod and I smile, I finally got her. The lads and I left to get ready. Louis looked at me, I wasn't going to tell Eleanor he kissed Addy. What kind of friend would I be?

*Picking up Addy*

I knocked on her door, and she answered. Looking at her, she has a white belly shirt on. A skirt, white heels. She looked amazing with the minimum makeup she was wearing. I noticed her belly ring. 


"You look a amazing." I took her by the waist and she closed the door. We walked to Niall's, hand-in-hand. You could hear the party. We walked in and spotted the boys. They came over and we chatted. I noticed Addy looking around, her face landed on Niall's. Alex was grinding on him. Everyone would be able to tell, Addy was jealous. I pulled her close and she looked up at me. A fake smile appeared on her face. We walk towards the booze. I handed her a beer. She took it, and we drank. 


"Lets dance babe", I whispered. She was drunk, but I wasn't. We stood close enough for Niall to see her. He bit his lip, letting Alex grind on him. Addy, started grinding on me. I held her hips, as she pushed herself on me. I never planned to get her drunk, but she was fun drunk. Addy's eyes met Niall's and she faced me. A slow dance song came on. She had her arms around my neck, and my own on her hips.


She looked up at me, and I looked into her blue eyes. I started at her lips for a moment and then her eyes. She smashed her lips into mine. I kissed back, and she really got into it. Her hands were on my chest. My hands were on her hips. I felt like this was right, but for her it wasn't. Suddenly, I was pulled off of Addy. Niall looked at me, then punched me. No one noticed of course. Addy grabbed his arm. 


"Niall stop!", she yelled. He looked at her, then down to her stomach. She looked into his blue eyes. He grabbed her wrists. She was startled, she looked at me. I ripped Niall off of her, and she hid behind me. 


"Come here Addy", Niall says. 


"No, I won't." He grabs her wrist, jerking her towards him. She yelped but no one heard her. His blue yes turned darker and I could see his grip tighten. He walked away with her, while Louis, Liam and Zayn were by me. We followed and I saw them in his room. She was against the wall. He was kissing her neck. You could see she was scared, but enjoying it. 


"P-please Niall. Let go", she whispers. He pulled away and looked at her, she hand her hands planted on the wall. Niall looked at us, he pushed me and walked away. Addy looked at us, she hugged me. I didn't know what the hell he was doing. What Alex was doing to him. 


"Lets take you home Addy", Liam said. She nodded and we headed downstairs, I look to see Alex with another guy. We walked outside and that's when he'll broke loose. I was pulled away from Addy and I saw Niall. 


"You think you can have any girl don't you!", Niall says. Addy, was still by me and Niall looked at her. 


"Your just a whore Addy. I'm supposed to believe your so innocent. When did you start acting like a skank and a slut?" 


"When you stopped caring, and beat the shit out of me Niall", she snaps. She took my hand, preparing for Niall's blows. He grabbed her arm and pulled her harshly away from me. She tried to show no pain. 


"Don't cry", Niall says harshly. She looked away, as Niall glared at us. He was going to really hurt her. But I can't get her, or it'll be worse. She was shaking and he didn't care. They walked away, and I watched them. 


"Why didn't you try grabbing her?", Louis asks. 


"He would hurt her Louis! She shouldn't of came." He nodded and we headed to Lou's and my home. I screwed up big time. I needed to know she was okay. 

-Niall's POV-


Addy whimper as I brought her upstairs. She was whimpering but I didn't care. I threw her in the room, and she fell. I shut the door, as she curled her legs up. I was done with her shit. I walked to her, but she ran to the other side of the room. I don't know why I'm so mad, but I came to her and pushed her harshly on the bed. She cried and I looked at her. 


"Niall your hurting me." 


"I don't care. You wanna dress like a whore. I'm going to treat you like one." She gasped, as I brought her hands above her head. She started crying and kicking me. I let her go, and she ran to the door. People were leaving alone with Alex. She opened the door, but I ran to her grabbing her wrist. She looked up at me. I looked at her tears and let her go. She fell to the ground. 


"Addy, go please." She didn't move, I looked at her. She was in a ball, in her own world. I walked into my room, shutting the door. What have I become?

-Addy's POV-


I sat there and listened as Niall closed his door. Harry came up the stairs, and saw me. He saw Niall's door shut. I was picked up. Walking down the stairs, harry brought me to his part of the complex. I hid my face in his chest, when the door opened. I was set on the couch, I opened my eyes. Seeing Lou, Liam, Zayn and Harry. 


"He's right about me. I'm a whore." Their faces were full of hate, and worry. Niall came through the door, and came over. He saw me, I scooted back. He then looked back at them. 


"I'm sorry. But I can't change and Addy. She needs to leave the country." I looked at them, Zayn saw my face. I grabbed Niall's hand, he looked down. Bending down, he looked a my face. 

"I'm so sorry. I hurt you." 


"Don't leave me Niall. Please don't leave me", I whispered. He shook his head, and let go of my hand. He left the apartment. My eyes watered again, now I know the pain he felt. My chest hurt, and I felt sick. The boys sat by me, I felt sick to my stomach. The pain in my chest hurt so bad. I hate feeling this way. 


Harry wiped away my tears. 


"It hurts. He literally just broke my heart." I was hugged by them all, I didn't cry. All I could do was feel the explosions in my heart. I haven't felt this way in so long. They pulled away and I looked at them.


"I-I'm sorry", I said as my voice quivered and tears fell down my cheeks. Harry wiped away his tears, as they walked away from me too.


BOOM. I felt it again, everyone was leaving me. I got up and walked to Harry's front door. I headed to the front of the building. I saw Niall, he looked at me. His gaze was never ending.





i felt incredibly dizzy. Niall saw me fall and he ran over. I never knew this could hurt so much. He cradled me. 


"Addy. Are you okay?" I shook my head, having the tears run freely. 


"N-niall you walked out on me", I whispered. I got up and ran from the building home.  

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