Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


4. I don't need you

*Addy* I woke up with Niall's arms around me. I smiled, I liked the thought. I unwrapped my arms from him, going to my suitcase to find clothes. I picked out shorts and a red tank top. I quickly went to the bathroom and changed. I then brushed through my long blue hair. I put on my makeup and walk out. Putting my makeup away. I see Niall sitting up on my bed, watching me. I see the expression on his face, just a blank stare. I sat by him, and he glared at me. "What did I do this time?", I ask. "Nothing. Absolutely nothing", he says getting up to shower and change. I sigh and get on my laptop and check my twitter, and I saw so many tweets of hate toward me. I closed my laptop and took out the book I've been reading for the past week. I heard the bathroom door open and I didn't look up. I just continued reading, till my book was taken from my hands. I looked up, glaring at Niall. I tried grabbing it, but he put it above his head. "Niall this isn't a game. Give me the fucking book", I snap. He smirks as he wraps an arm around my waist. Pulling me to him, and setting my book down. "You need to chill", he states. I rolled my eyes getting out of his grasp. But I get pulled back to him, and he has his arms around my stomach. I try pushing away from him, but it's impossible. "Let me go Niall Horan", I say getting mad. He didn't, he let me grab my phone and room key. But then he carried me out of the room. I see Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn waiting for us. I cross my arms, while Niall's arms are around my waist. They have a concert today and I have to go. I don't make any physical contact with Niall. Besides me being pushed to his side. "Someone's moody. Is it your time of the month Addy?", Louis sneers. I glare at him and he winks at me. We get in the elevator and someone's hand is on my leg. I look up seeing Harry touching me. I move closer to Niall, he looks at me. Then to Harry, because of the smirk playing in his face. The doors open and we walk out, Niall takes my hand entwining our fingers together. Paul made way toward the van, so we could get to sound check in time. "Niall why haven't you and Addy kissed yet?" I wanted to freeze, but Niall didn't answer him as we got in. Louis in front, and Niall, Zayn, Liam and I in the back. Niall kept our fingers together. Harry kept looking at me, like I was a slut. One he could have sex with. With no problems at all. Niall sensed my tension and looked at Harry. "Stop staring Harold", he glared. "What fun would that be. I thought you wanted Addy to rot in hell", he says repeating words I knew Niall said. I felt my eyes water. We might not be a real couple, but those were real feelings. I pulled my hand from Niall, covering my face. "What is wrong with you Harry!", Liam says. He was closet to me and Niall and I felt his hand on my shoulder. I pushed him away, I didn't want to be touched. "Addy don't listen to them." I couldn't say a word, I was too caught up in my emotions to speak. If I did I knew my voice would quiver. I felt the tears finally fall. I heard Liam whisper to Niall. "I told you, that would hurt her." I felt myself being passed to Liam, I didn't want to move. I wanted to be at home. Before I accepted this. "She's trying to help you Niall. But you have Zayn, Harry and Louis throwing insults at her." "I don't need her fucking help Liam!" "Of course you don't", I mumble. The car stopped and I took my face from my hands. I wiped away the smeared makeup. Niall got out, taking my hand. I smiled and acted like this was perfect. I heard me being called a whore, slut and everything you could think of. Niall didn't seem to care. We made it in and I pushed away from Niall, Paul saw my red face. Understanding why I would do that. While the boys headed of to practice. I stayed back here. "Are you Addy?", someone asks. I turn seeing a women with blonde hair and a baby in her arms. "Yeah." "You must be Niall's fake girlfriend." I nod slowly and she looks at me. "Are you alright?" "No, I've been told Niall wants me to rot in hell. Zayn, Louis and Harry think I'm a slut. Liam's the only one who's been nice." "Here come with me", she says leading me to another room. "By the way, I'm Lou. The boys stylist, and this little girl right here is Lux." "She's adorable!" Lou smiles and she leads me to a back room, she points for me to sit on the chair. I'm confused for a minute. But then I remember my makeup. She carefully takes it off and redoes it. Then brushes through my hair, I got tangled. "Thank you", I say. "It's not a problem. What I don't understand is why Zayn, Louis and Harry are acting this way. I only expect it from Niall." I decided to play with Lux, while waiting for the three other girlfriends to come. The boys came to the room I was in and Harry took Lux away from me. I shoot glares at him. Walking to the door and leaving those boys. I sat against the wall, and I saw three girls walk my way. "Paul I think a fan got in", the one with pink hair says. He comes over looking at me. "She's not a fan, she's Niall's girlfriend." Perrie and the other girl with black hair look at me like I'm a virus. Out comes Zayn and Louis. "El!", Louis says hugging her. Zayn just hugs Perrie and they go inside. "What a freak", Perrie says. I turn my head, I haven't heard a thing from Danielle. She sat by me, wrapping her arms around me. "Are you okay love?" I shake my head and she hugs me, I hear the door open and me and Danielle look at Liam. "At least you haven't insulted her either", Liam says hugging his girlfriend. "What are you talking about?" "Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis treat me like shit." She looks surprised and looks at Liam and he nods. "Your so pretty, why would they do that?" "Because according to Niall. I'm a blue haired emo freak." The tears threatened to spill, but I held them back. She hugs me, and points for Liam to go. She helps me stand, and looks at me. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with you." "Thanks." She nodded and wiped away my tears. We walked in and I sat with her and Liam on the other side of the room. Niall pats his lap, but I ignore him. Everyone looked away from me, and Lux was hanging on Harry. "What are we gonna do while the time passes?", Zayn says. I heard different things like shopping or just driving around. I didn't say a word, I just wanted to go to the hotel and read. But I can't I have to support Niall here. Danielle squeezes my hand as everyone begins to make up their minds. "Me and Addy are going shopping", Danielle says and Liam looks at her. He wants to come, he knows the boys talk behind my back. "She'll just buy slutty clothes Danielle", Harry says. "Shut up Harry! She hasn't done anything but try to help Niall. She took away what she wanted for him. You guys having Perrie and Eleanor believing she's some sort if monster. I don't see a thing wrong with her. And you Niall calling her a blue haired emo freak. You know nothing about her. You can't just judge someone on how they look." "She's been a bitch to us all except Liam", Louis says. "Maybe because you all insult her", Liam says. They look at him and he crosses his arms. Daddy Direction mode. He's gonna get all protective and I have never seen him blow up before. But he looks like he can kill a bunch of people. They look at me, but I don't say a word as Danielle drags me out. Liam follows behind and Paul gives Danielle the keys since she can drive. They know absolutely nothing about me, and I wanted to kill them all. I sat in front with Danielle, not that Liam cared. *Niall* I can't believe what just happened. I really don't know anything about her. Eleanor and Perrie tear away from their boyfriends sending them glares. "You guys are asses. I saw her almost in tears out there and thought nothing of it cause of lies. How mature Louis, I'm not gonna be believing you for awhile. I can't believe I'm this stupid", Eleanor says. "You disgust me right now Zayn", Perrie says as they walk out of the room. They're gonna blame me, but they just sit there. Acting like nothing happened. "She's turning them against us", Louis says. Harry snickers, as I just sit there. I feel like an ass, I have never treated someone. So poorly. I sit there looking at a white wall, wanting to apologize. But what good would that do. Saying your sorry means you won't do again. But I will, I know I will. I just wish I could be nice toward Addy. She looks at Liam all the time for help, and I know why. Now my best friend hates me.

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