Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


7. I Can't Tell You...

*Narrator* As they packed up to go to New York, Niall and Addy didn't feel the same. He never told her how he felt, he knew she didn't feel the same. Addy got on the tour bus with the boys. They'd be driving, so they left early. Addy would be sharing a bed with Niall. She walked on and felt Niall's arms around her. He guided her, she knew this was fake. But she felt like it was real. He's been getting so angry lately, Addy didn't know what to do with him. "Niall are you okay?", Addy asks placing her hand on his shoulder. He just shrugged her off. "Niall. What's wrong?" "Nothing, just leave me alone", he tells Addy. She walks away and sits with the girls. She didn't say anything, she felt like this was inevitable. Niall wasn't going to tell her what happened. Addy sighed getting up and walking to the back of the bus, where the music room is. She opened the door and walked in, shutting the door. She walked to guitars and picked one up. Lightly strumming the guitar, Harry came in. Addy looked up at him. He had a smirk plastered on his face. He came closer and took the guitar from her hands. Then, he pushed her to the wall. "Harry, let me go", Addy says. She wasn't sticking up for herself, but she didn't like him. Harry knew this would piss of Niall. But Niall isn't as strong as Harry, so if he tried fighting. Harry would beat him. Harry let her go but locked the door. Addy tried getting away from him, but he was by her side. He pushed her to a wall, and she didn't like this feeling. Harry started kissing her neck and nipping at it. Then he kissed her, she didn't kiss back. Addy held her ground until he grabbed her bum. Addy gasped and he stuck his tongue in her mouth. This made her kiss back, and he knew he won. "Harry get off", she whimpers. "No way. If Niall actually cares, he's gonna come to save you." Addy tried screaming his name, but Harry covered her mouth. The doorknob was turning, but Harry knew it was locked. "Addy?", Perrie asks. Her mouth was still covered by Harry's hand. So, as a reaction, Addy kneed Harry. She got away and unlocked the door. Perrie saw Harry, then the tears in her face. Perrie took her hand, leading her to Eleanor and Dani. She sat in between them. Addy saw Niall watching her, but she looked away. He can't know, he can't know anything. "Addison", Niall says. She looks at him, he shows her to follow him. Addy does and he takes her hand, dragging them to their bed. "Are you okay?", he asks. Before she could break down in tears, Addy knew Harry was stronger. "Yeah, just a little tired", she lies. "Tell me the truth." "Why do you care? You obviously still hate me. Niall you've been pissy lately, I know you can't change. So Im gonna stop trying." "Addy that isn't true." She rolled her eyes and went to get away, but he grabbed her wrist. She glared at him and he pulled her to his chest. "Addy I love you. This isn't fake, I slowly fell for you. But you made me realize I don't need to have one night stands every day. I need you but fine stop trying." He pushed her away and she shook her head. Not believing a word he said. Because tomorrow, he's gonna act like it was never said. She sat on one of the couches alone. She curled in a ball. He's not falling for her, no one does. *Harry* I saw the way she looked. She's not going to tell Niall. I walked back to the boys and Niall glares at me. I get up, going to Addy to see if she told him. I see her curled in a ball asleep on her and Niall's bed. I sit by her, touching her back and se goes closer to the wall. "Did you tell him Addy?", I ask. She looks at me, a tired expression on her face. "No, now he hates me agin. Thanks Harry, I'm trying to change him. Now it's not happening", she spats at me. She gets up, walking past me. She goes to get something. I walk out to join her, and she's by the girls. Perrie is glaring at me, Dani and El are ignoring me. Liam and Louis are with the girls. Niall and Zayn are talking so I join them. "You touched her Harry", Niall says. "How can you prove it?" He points to her arms and I see finger marks that I caused. "So what?" Niall grits his teeth together, protective? This whole thing is fake and he acts like it isn't. He actually loves her. She loves him too. Addy isn't paying attention to the girls or Liam. She's zoning out. Niall looks at her and he gets up. He bends down by her, she looks at him. Carefully, Niall helps her up. They walk to the back. While we sit here.mim just waiting till he comes after me. *Addy* Niall brings me to the back, he intertwined our fingers. "Did Harry do this? Please don't lie to me", he pleads. "Yeah. He did", I say. I saw the anger rise in his face. "Niall please don't do anything. He's stronger, and he'll seriously hurt you." I look at him, he cares. He loves me and he cares. Niall nods and hugs me, in a tight hug. "Okay", he whisper. He lays with me and I cuddle into him. I finally figured out he cares, he really cares. "Niall?", I ask. "Hmm?", he asks. I look up at him and he looks down at me. "Was what you said true?" "One hundred percent." I look down, I wish I had enough courage to tell him. But I don't, he can't know. Because once the year is up, I'm going to the U of M and I'm not going back. I just hope he would understand

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