Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


21. I can't believe you

*Addy's POV*

When Paul opens the door, I gasp. He's kissing another girl. He looked up and saw my face, the girl smirked, a fan. I couldn't look at him, I turned around ready to leave. But he came out and grabbed my wrist. I looked at him, I hated him. He looked at me with his puppy eyes. 


"Addy, I didn't kiss back." 


"I don't believe you Niall! You fucking cheated on me! I hate you", I said having my eyes water. I looked away, I found myself being pushed against the wall. He made me face him. I looked down and he made me look up. I shook my head, he hugged me. I pushed off him, but he wouldn't let me go. 


"I'm so sorry Addy. I didn't want to, please."  


"I thought you changed Niall Horan. He wouldn't let me go, the girl came out and smirked at me. She walked over, 


"he doesn't want you." 


"That's not true Addy! I love you!" I shook my head and pushed him away from me. I saw Louis, Zayn and Liam standing in the hall. Liam took my hand and pulls me away from Niall. I had tears blurring my vision. I let go of him, I don't want anyone. Niall was the love of my life. Now he's just a dirty cheater. I fell to the ground, they ruined me. Dani and the girls came  over nd saw the commotion in the hall. The girl was hanging on Niall. I grabbed my things and ran from them, away from Niall and everyone. I sat outside the hotel and fans saw me. They laughed at me, broken and afraid to love. One girl came to me and sat by me. 


"What happened?", she asked. 


"Niall cheated." She looked at me, she was wearing one direction clothes. 


"I knew he would. I'm so sorry Addy. He doesn't deserve you."


*Niall's POV*

She hates me, the girl clung to me and I threw her on the ground. I slammed my door shut, she planned this. She wouldn't tell me who was on the phone. I looked out my window, I was hoping she'd come back. There was a slight knock at my door. I opened and saw her beautiful face. 


"I have to be here. But don't touch me or try to talk to me", she says walking past me. She set her stuff down and looked at the one bed. She sighed and knew she knew she'd have to touch me. Paul opened the door and saw me and I see her look down. 


"Concert." Addy hurried to Paul and walked out. Dani hugged her and they walked away. I frowned and stayed behind them, while harry walked up to me. 


"At least I wouldn't cheat on her." He smirked and walked off. She wouldn't let me protect her. But she wouldn't let him near her right? I was the last in. She was in front with Paul, because he wouldn't let me near her. I wouldn't either. I watched as everyone sat away from me. Their faces to the ground. I see her look out of the window. She has her eyes covered by her blue hair. She had her phone in her hands. I knew what I did was wrong, but I didn't kiss back. She shouldn't listen to me, cause I let the girl kiss me. I knew I shouldn't of opened the door. But I did anyway. Se has every right to hate me. 


We arrived and I got out, everyone left me. I looked at the mark on her arm, the bruises on her cheek. She's so hurt and I knew why. I sighed and watched her be by dani, El and Perrie. She nodded and walked ahead. When we got in, she ran to the bathroom. I followed her, she was over the sink. She was pale and looked like she'd pass out. Addy faced me and frowned, she tried walking away. But I blocked her, and I pushed her against the wall. She whimpers, she thinks I'll hurt her. I knew she would think that. 


"Babe, lis-", I said. 


"I'm not your babe. You lost the right to call me that when you kissed that slut." I look at her arms, cuts go up and down. I knew what I was doing. I was killing everything that mattered. I bent my head down, I deserve what comes to me. I really do, she doesn't deserve this. I don't deserve her. She's an angel and I'm like satin. I let her go, she lifts my chin. She's trying to change me no matter what.  I shake my head and she sighs, she pushed me out. So I could go to the concert, I walked away. Lou took my hand and glared at me. She knew. Everyone knew. 


*Addy's POV*

I watched from the back of the stage. I saw as everyone booed Niall, he doesn't deserve this. When they sang What Makes You Beautiful. Harry pulled me on stage, and I sat down. They sang to me, but I didn't look at them. I looked at the ground as fans booed. I ran off stage, they stopped their song. I was crying the hate. Niall looked at me as I ran. 


"She deserved to be cheated on!", a fan yelled. I sat by the bathroom. I saw as Niall's hands clenched, he did this to me. They continued, and fans screamed. I covered my ears, as they cheered for them. 




They came back and Louis came to me, as Niall ignored me. 


"Addy", he said. 


"What did I do Lou? What did I say?" I covered my face, why couldn't Niall let me die? Save me from this pain. He picked me up and I hid my face. He walked toward the girls and I didn't move. I needed to go to a mental hospital before I went crazy. 


"Am I going to a mental hospital?" 


"I'm sorry." I nodded as be carried me, my stuff would stay with him. He put me in the car and drove me. This isn't the first time. I watched the scenery go by. I held myself together, as Louis admitted me. I followed the woman. She showed me to my room, and I got comfortable. I looked out in the hall as people passed by. I sat in the corner and stayed there. Who'd care? Not Niall. I was officially mad. Niall wouldn't care, I sighed. 


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