Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


2. Going on tour

I packed the last of my things, before Niall came in grabbing my stuff. "I can do it myself", I say. "I have to be nice. Remember?", he says. I crossed my arms and followed him down the stairs, while we waited for Paul to come. I sat on the from step with Niall as we waited. This isn't what I've expected. The other girls would be there. Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle. Niall won't look at me, but once we're on tour he has to treat me nicely. I cross my arms and finally they pull up. Paul gets our bags and Niall opens the door. Revealing one seat left. He sits down, then pulls me to sit on his lap. He slams the door shut and wraps his arms around me. I hated this, I sit there while the boys talk. "How long will we be on tour with her?", Louis asks pointing at me. "The whole tour." He sends glares at me. I ignore it and take out my iPhone listening to music. Mostly Green Day, Boys Like Girls and Allstar Weekend. I see a hand being waved in my face. "What?", I say pulling out my earbuds. "Why do you hate us?", Harry asks. "Oh, maybe cause you called me a slut. I certainly don't look like one, yet you think I am." Liam, looks at me. "Except for you Liam. You didn't say anything mean to me. I like you", I say and he smiles. Niall's grip on me tightens and I don't say a word. I lean my head on the window, but Niall shifted causing me to hit my head. "Sorry", he says and he makes me lean my head on him. I hear snickers from Zayn, Louis and Harry. Great 4/5 of One Direction hate me. ************************************************************** We arrive at the hotel in California. I get off Niall grabbing my bag and he follows me. Holding my hand, "You have to be a bitch to them", he asks. "Yes." He grips my hand and I flinch, but don't say a word. We get our room keys and I have to share with Niall. We get on the elevator, and I have Niall pushing me to his side. We get to our floor, and I walk reluctantly behind Niall. Liam walks to me, "You two look like you hate each other." "Cause we do." Niall looks at me and I walk in the room, having him slam the door. I choose the bigger of the two beds. He just looks at me, like I killed someone. I sit down, pulling my laptop out. But someone closes it on me. "No", He says. "Niall you don't control me. So fuck off, go join your dick friends." He glares at me, before leaving. He looked as if he wanted to slap me. I sighed and clicked on YouTube playing 'Untitled' by Simple Plan. I sang to it, as I was reading. *Niall* As soon as I walked out the door, I heard Addy singing. She's an amazing singer. But she pisses me off so much, we can act so happy around the boys. But when it's us she's a brat and acts like I killed someone. I walk to Zayn's room, knocking on the door. He opens and I see Harry and Louis too. "Simon called us. So Addy isn't your real girlfriend?", Harry smirks. "No she isn't and she's driving me mad." I flopped on the bed that was empty. There's something about her that makes me like her a wee bit. But otherwise. I despise her. We sit there watching the Telly. There was nothing we could do today. Finally I heard knocks and Harry got up revealing Liam. He walked in and sat by me. "Addy isn't your girlfriend?" "Why do you think I hate her." "Niall your gonna hurt her." "I honestly don't care if I do. She's a bitch." I said this only because of the way she's been treating me. Maybe she'll give up on me and I can get a better looking girl. I mean who'd date a blue hared freak? Not me she's just too annoying. "Go back and spend time with her." "No, she can rot in hell." Liam literally grabbed me and pulled me to my room. "Go", he orders. He takes my card from me. "You wouldn't." He opens it, pushing me in. I hear the door click and we were locked inside she looks at me and rolls over on her bed. She blaring music that I've never heard before. I walk to her and take her book from her. Then I shut down her computer. I take her laptop and put it on my bed. "Are they forcing you to be here?" I nod and she rolls her eyes, and looks out the window at the balcony. I take her hand trying so hard to be nice. I don't absolutely hate her. But I feel like she has something against me that even she doesn't know about. "Can we start over Addy?" "Oh you mean by you not calling me a slut. Or a bitch, or push me around. No, we can't." I dropped her hand and she looks at me. I pace around the room. I just want her to at least tolerate me. But that'll never happen as long as I keep being the jerk. I see her with her book again and this makes me mad. How can she ignore me? When I'm trying to be nice? "Addy, can we please do something together. I'm trying to change." "No, Niall you aren't. Because I was like you. You just tolerate me, but you want to slap me so hard. You want me to go back to America, you want me to be off the face of the earth. You want a skinny, slutty girl you can fool around with right now. I know what your going through, that's why Simon picked me." She got up and I grabbed her wrist and she looked at me. Hatred spread across her face as she tried escaping my grasp. She tried pulling out of my grasp but couldn't.

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