Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


29. Back So Soon? (Part 2)

-Niall's POV-

She sat there laughing with Harry. I made no move toward them. She looked so happy. Something she wasn't with me. He kissed her cheek, and left her sitting there. Addy saw me and I looked away from her. My heart skipped as she smiled slightly at me. Addy got up and walked past me, as we sat at the beach. She was getting a tan. As she ran to the water, Eleanor  tripped her. Louis laughed and Addy got up, dusting herself off.

She dived in and swam in as far as she could. Deciding if I should go after her, I did. I dived in the water and swam beside her. She didn't look at me, until I touched her arm. Blue eyes faced me, and a saddened expression looked into me. Addy had an abortion, she killed her child. But, I couldn't blame her. She was raped, she didn't want his child. 

"Leave me alone Niall." 

The words stuck into my hearts she scoffed and swam to harry. I swam back and sat away from them. Harry's arm remained on her waist. She giggled as he tickled her. Something caught my eye on her body. A huge bruise on the side of her body. The size of something big. Alex skipped to me and sat by me. Smile faded when she saw I was looking at Addy. 

"Niall, she's using you." 

But I was using her. The mark bothered me, Addy saw me looking. She looked at her side. She put a shirt on, and looked down. What was that mark?

-Addy's POV-

He looked at the mark. I felt uncomfortable as he watched me. I put a shirt on and Harry watched me. Getting up, I found somewhere alone to sit. Tears escaped my eyes as memories flooded into my mind.


I sat on the edge of the hill, looking over my school. Kids laughed, but I didn't. In my mind, I was so unhappy. No one liked me and didn't understand. Suddenly, I felt someone push me down the hill. Being as skinny as I was didn't help. I went tumbling down the enormous hill. People laughed as I felt things break in my frail body. 

Hitting the cement was the worst pain ever. I screamed at the pain on my right side. Not being able to move didn't help. No one cared that I could've broken something. Teachers rushed to help me get to the nurse. Barley able to walk, the nurse was rushed out to me with a wheelchair. Everything went by so fast. I couldn't register in my mind anything. 


i felt a hand on my shoulder, and I saw Liam and Harry.

"Addy-", Liam says.

"I'm fine. C-can we please go?", I asked. They nodded and Liam gathered everyone. Harry looked worriedly at me. I shake my head as he takes my hand. Feeling as if Niall was watching me. I looked back, and surely he was. Letting Harry's hand go. Everyone walked ahead as Niall stood by me. 

"Addy whats that scar?", he asks.

"None of your business Niall. Now that you actually care? You didn't before, I'm not trusting you. Go fuck off", I scoff. But Niall grabs my wrist, not letting me leave. My back was to his chest. I felt like punching him.

"Tell me", he says.

"No. Figure it out yourself, actually why don't you join that hoe?" He gripped my wrist, but I pulled away. Walking away from everyone was so easy. Harry followed me in the car. They stopped as I refused to get in. Harry opened the door, and pulled me in. 

"Addy, please don't act like this."

"Just take me home." They did and I slammed the door. Only to have Niall right behind me. I slammed my house door shut. Niall opened it behind me, then shut and locked it. He sat me on the island in my kitchen. His blue eyes found mine, and his hand attached to my shirt. Pulling it up, made me angry. I grabbed his hand, pulling it off me. But he had my shirt up, and me frozen. I froze as he touched my side. 

"Please Niall. Leave me alone." Soon enough he was in front of me. My breath hitched in my throat, I couldn't breath. My hands were in his and he was in between my legs. Looking down was my only choice.

"Addy…", he breathed.

"I was pushed down a fucking hill and scratched a big hole in my side. I broke my right arm and some ribs when I was 13 Niall. Now leave me alone!", I snap. 

Niall stepped back for a minute, 

"please Addy. Listen to me." 

"No Niall. What am I supposed to d-", I was cut off by lips on mine. I froze, I didn't kiss back. Desperate for me to move, he grabbed my arms. He kissed me again, and I kissed back. Tis is what I missed. My fingers locked in his hair. A smile formed in the kiss. Pulling back, he walked out. 

I touched my mouth. Was that just to shut me up? I didn't know.

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