Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


27. Back So Soon? (Part 1)

-Addy's POV-


I sat on the hospital bed, looking at the boys standing in front of me. Niall had Alex by his side  she looked at me with disgust and Louis looked like he was crying. I hated myself because I was tearing them apart. Dani and Perrie looked at the boys as they sat next to me. They've been her for a half an hour. 


"Guys I need to talk to Addy,with Harry", Louis says. They all leave and Dani squeezes my hand. She closed the door and Harry drew the blind for the window. 


"El, she says me and her need a break. But we also know your pregnant with your rapists kid. Niall hates having Alex around. We want you to make him jealous", Lou says. It was obvious I was pregnant. My stomach was big. I knew why harry was here. When we kissed the night of the party. I felt something. It was obvious he did too. 


"Why is harry here then?" 


"Because we all know Niall is jealous you kissed me", he says sitting by me. 


"It'll help me get El back", Lou whispered in my ear. I shivered what is he doing? I want Niall back yes, but this is the most hurtful thing to do. I looked at them, I nodded and they both squeezed me into a hug.  


Harry kissed my cheek and I blushed. Lou went to get them and Harry sat me on his lap. His arms were around my waist. When they came in dani and Perrie smiled. I saw Zayn, Louis and Liam smiling. But Niall looked mad. Alex had no emotion. Dani knew why we were doing this. Niall pulled Alex out. Zayn and Liam followed to make sure nothing happened. I sighed and Louis shut the door. 


"Already working", Dani says smiling. 


"I think she does have feelings for both Harry and Niall. She's blushing see", Louis says. My face was getting warm. I hid my face and Harry's whole body moved from him laughing. Harry removed my hands from my face. He made me face him, he looked over. Niall was coming back. 


"Kiss me", he whispered. I nodded and we both leaned in. He held my waist, and I put my hand on his chest. Then I was pulled back, Niall was looking mad. Alex wasn't here. I looked at him, everyone was watching. He leaned down and whispered, 


"Babe, this won't work. I'll get you." He walked away and my heart was racing fast, he didn't say that. Harry pulled me to his chest. I am scared of Niall. But I love him, and harry. I don't know who to choose. Harry's hated me longer. But I trust him, even though he slapped me twice. I felt my cheek. Nothing was there. Everyone left but Harry. He was allowed to stay. 

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