Lies~ Niall Horan

Addy has one simple job. Be Niall Horan's girlfriend for a year. But she has problems, her and Niall don't get along. He pushes her around and insults her. He doesn't care about his career. But what if Niall feels something for Addy, but it's too late....


5. Apologies

When we made it back to the arena I was engulfed in hugs my Perrie and Eleanor. "We're so sorry", they say. "I forgive you guys. I don't blame you." If only people understood the real reason I can be so bratty. Lux grabbed Liam's hand pulling him to change and have his makeup done. I laughed along with the girls. We went to the room we were in and sat down. Lux came over to me, and I picked her up. She smiles and laughs at me. In came the boys and Perrie and El wished Liam good luck along with me and Danielle. They're really gonna ignore the asses who lied to them. Zayn and Louis tried going near them, but they ignored them. Niall came to me. I look at him, hoping he's gonna say something nice. "Good Luck Niall", I say. He frowned because I won't hug him, like I wanted to. "Can we talk. Later?", he asks. I nod and he leaves and I sigh. The girls look at me I don't want to be here. I want to be at the U of M. But I gave that up, to be with him. "You think he'll realize what he's doing?", Eleanor asks. "Maybe." We watched them preform on the tv in the room. But I watched Niall, he looked so sad. He sang his part in Little Things and I cried a little. I'm still a directioner, plus who wouldn't cry? ***************************************************************************** The boys came back and El and Perrie once again ignore their boys. "Why the fuck are you ignoring us?", Louis says to El. She won't look at him, Louis and Zayn glare at me. "This is your fault", Zayn says. "Shut up! Why don't you lay attention. Stop acting like dicks for once, I haven't done anything. Maybe they found the truth and hate you because you lied to them", I snap. I walked out and I had Louis, Harry and Zayn following me. I get pushed up to a wall by Harry. I clenched my hands together. They smirked at me, and I knew no one was around. They could do what they wanted. "How about you tell Simon your done? Niall doesn't want you here?", Harry says. "Because I'm tolerating your abuse. I'm helping Niall, you three dicks don't have to like me. But you have to understand Niall doesn't need to be a jerk forever. I really think it's you three who are keeping him like this", I say. Then, like it was only a second ago. I felt heat radiating from my cheek. Harry had hit me, I looked at him. I pushed him off and ranout of the building. I had tears streaming down my face, and I couldn't stop them. *Eleanor* When Addy didn't come back, I got worried. Louis, Zayn and Harry came back in laughing. I glared at my boyfriend. "What did you do?" "Harry slapped her", he laughs. "That isn't funny!", Dani says. We run out to find her. Zayn tried pulling Perrie back, but she got away. We ran out the back doors and I saw her there crying. We walked over to her, and she looked at us. Her face was smeared with makeup. She had a huge handprint on her face. Dani helped her stand up and I hugged her. "I'll stop sticking up for myself", she whispers. We walked inside and went to the toilet, and sat her on the counter. Dani got paper towel and wet them. She cleaned off her makeup, smeared or not. I heard knocking at the door. I opened it, and Niall was there looking at the ground. "Can I talk to Addy?", he asks. "Are you gonna insult her?" "No." I helped Addy apdown and she went out to talk. I saw him hug her first, she didn't wrap her arms round him. She wasn't moving, he should feel bad about Harry hitting her. "Do you forgive me?", I hear him ask. She has a blank facial expression. "No." She walked away and came to us, she didn't look happy. "C'mon we're leaving", Paul says. I go with the girls in their car. *Addy* I sit in the back of the van, with my knees up to my chin. He wants me to forgive him for hurting me. I just can't. El is watching me, to make sure I'm alright. We reach the hotel and I'm the last out. I wait till they all get on one elevator. I take another up to the floor. I walk down the hall, to the room. I get out my card and open it. I see Niall on his bed, head in his hands. I walk to my bed, getting my book. I'm glade he didn't bother me. He gets up leaving me. He slams the door shut and I flinch. I hurt him? It's what twice I've done it compared to the dozen times he's done it to me. Pounding at the door interups my thought. I open it seeing Louis and Harry. They walk in pushing me back. "Why is Niall mad?" I turn my back to them and go to my bed. But Harry caught my wrist. He turned me to him. I try pushing him off. But he has a strong hold. "Because I won't forgive him." I pull away and sit on my bed. "Go. Now", I say to them. They laugh and Harry grabs my arm and they drag me from the room. They open a door and push me in. It's a closet, and they smirk before everything goes dark. I hear Louis and Eleanor bickering. I hit on the door, and I hear Eleanor ask where I am. Louis being the stubborn ass he is. Said I decided to leave. I banged on the door again and I heard footsteps. "Don't open that door", Louis says. "I don't know what's wrong with you Louis. But I'm opening this door, and if Addy's in there. You won't be seeing me anymore." She opens it, and I ruined their relationship. "Thanks Addy. Now I don't have a girlfriend." "No, you did." She helped me up and went to my room, I unlocked it and we went in. That's when Eleanor broke down. "El I'm S-", I say. "It's not your fault, he's been like this for a year now. Maybe he'll finally realize it." ************************************* *Louis* She broke up with me. What have I been doing, when I saw the look on Addy's face. Harry slapped her and I just laughed, why would I laugh? She still had a hand mark, Niall would never do that. But Harry did, he feels no remorse. I sit on my bed, not wanting to be bothered. I'm an idiot the whole thing is Zayn's problem. He's been so mad about rumors about him and Perrie. I walked from my room, knocking on Niall's and Addy's door. Addy answered. "Are you gonna hurt me? Or how about Eleanor?" "I want to apologize to her." Addy made way for me and I saw a broken Eleanor. I walked to her, "Babe I'm so sorry, I don't know what got into me." "Are you on Addy's side?" "Hundred percent." She smiled and hugged me, I didn't want to let go of her. I saw Addy, and the purple mark on her face. Harry hit her hard, I can't believe I let him. I hear something break in Liam's room and I know it's Niall. We all get up knocking on the door. Danielle answered. She got away and I saw how pissed Niall was. Addy looked scared along with El and Dani. But Addy went in and grabbed Niall's wrist. "Niall stop!", she says. He looks at her, she has fear spread across her face. But she didn't care. He pushed her up of the way. She hut the table and Liam helped her. "I'm calling Simon", Liam says. When Niall calmed a little, he went to apologize to Addy. But she stepped back. I've never seen anyone scared of Niall. She ran away from him, and out by me. "Addy I-", he says. But quietly behind me you could her sobbing. She was scared and Niall couldn't apologize. "Don't touch me Niall", she whimpers. "Addy", he says. "I said leave me alone Niall." She walked away followed by El and Dani. He looked like her was gonna throw something, but he didn't. He fell to the ground. I went to him, "She's scared of me." I heard her talking on the phone with Simon she wanted out. I knew he would agree. *Addy* "You sure?", he asks. "Yes." Dani and El didn't want me leaving, but I needed to go. He just gonna hurt me. I grab my things as Paul waits. "Bye girls." "Bye Addy", El says and they both hug me. I follow Paul and I see Niall watching me down the hall. We get on the elevator and I knew I couldn't go back. We rode down in silence. When the doors opened, we both ran to the car. I put my bag in and sat in back. I got a text on my phone Niall: please don't leave me. I need you Me: no you don't Niall, have fun sleeping around with girls. Cause I'm done with One Direction.. I shut down my phone not wanting him to beg me. We reached the airport and I thanked Paul. I got my bag and bought a ticket for London. I'd have to ge try things, Simon said he'd help me. . When the plane boarded I gave them my ticket and got ready to go. I took my seat and wiped away the falling tears. I knew Simon wouldn't let me actually leave Niall helpless. Bu it couldn't be on tour with him. So I'd be in London till they got home. *** I got to Niall's place and I walked upstairs to my room. I shut the door and sat on the bed. I couldn't get out of the contract. I was crying cause I left him. I love Niall Horan. I just hope he loves me too.

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