One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.




Sorry guys, I skipped the signing...Oh well



Amelia's POV:

We were entering the house and about thirty minutes after we came back, we heard the doorbell ring. "Hmm, I didn't know people were around this area. Might as well answer it" I said to myself. I opened the door to see a obnoxious blonde. "Hi Hunny!!! How are you?! I have been waiting forever to meet you!! Where is Harry?" She pushed me out of her way. "Are you a fan or something?" I said confused. She looked back at me. "Well no silly! I'm Taylor Swift!" She was talking to me like I was stupid. "I would highly appreciate it if you didn`t treat me like a little kid maybe?! Just a suggestion." I snapped back. "Look girl, Harry was MY boyfriend and I came to get him back, so back your little ass all the way to Texas." I slapped her. She slapped me back, I fell and she started to kick me in my stomach area. "Please.......stop." I pleaded "No you little pig." Then I heard Harry come down stairs. "Who is at the-" He saw Taylor, then me behind her. I was half conscious and I saw Taylor get yelled at. She left the house crying. He then knelt down to me. "Amelia, are you ok? Amelia....can....hear?" That's all I heard. Then everything went black. O woke up in the hospital. Everything was a blur, but I could hear everything completely fine. "Oh my god Amelia, you scared me! I feared for your life!!" Harry said kissing my lips. "Ow." I said, my hand going to go over my lip. I was bleeding. And, then I looked around my room. I saw everybody was there. Amber, Niall, Lou, Zayn, even Josh and Paul. "Hi guys, thanks for coming." Niall stepped forward. "We brought you these gifts, we hope you get better." He said, flashing me a crooked smile. "Can you guys leave? Just for a moment?" Harry said looking back at everyone else. "Sure" Amber replied. "Harry, can I ask you a question?" He nodded. "Who the fuck is Taylor Swift?" Harry looked down. "Harry, answer me now." I got angry with him. "She used to be by girlfriend. She was so obsessive with me. I wouldn`t answer her texts or calls and she would text me like, OMG HAZZA!!! I love u y aren't u answering meh?! And, things happened and I broke up with her. I never liked her in the first place I felt bad for her." His voice started to fade. I couldn`t breathe anymore. I passed out. All I could feel was shocks going through my body.

*End of 1st Book*

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