One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


15. Umm Ok

Niall's POV:

I had to tell Harry I had a crush on Amelia. I mean, if he comes out with the truth he won't hurt me right? Come on Niall,  the door is right there. All you have to do is twist the doorknob and...... I..I cant. Just go for it Niall! I twisted the doorknob and it flung open. I saw Amelia and Harry were watching Peter Pan, and Amelia had fallen asleep while in Harry's arms. "Shhhhh, she is sleeping." Harry said. She looked so cute in her sleep. Her big blue eyes closed, she mumbling words. "69785....he doesn't know. Throw the flaming fish!!!" Amelia said in her sleep. Me and Harry laughed. "Lad, I need to talk to you. Now." Harry looked at me strangely. "Ok." He gently let go of Amelia and walked out the door with me. "What do you want to talk to me about?" Harry said. His voice groaning. "Please don't hurt me." "Why would I hurt you Niall?" "Well, I- uh, I have a crush on Amelia." He looked at me funny. "Why aren't you hitting me?" "I already knew that. And, I know that Zayn likes her too. Amelia told me." "Ok. Well nice convo, gotta go, bye." I sped talked.

Amelia`s POV:

I could hear Harry and Niall's conversation, most of it was just a blur. I texted Amber to check on where she was.


To: Amba




Where r u?

Im wit Lou at a carnival

uGH lucky u, I am stuck here with 3 boys that have a crush on me. Josh just came

I have never met Josh.. Is he nice?

Ya he's really funny.

I thought u were slepin thou

No I woke up with Harry gone



U guys have fun ok? Bring back some cotton candy. I`m on my fahking period still

Take it slow wit Haz then.

K bi



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