One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


2. To the mall...

I came out of the bathroom wearing  jean short-shorts, and a floral see through blouse. And of course my wallet. I heard someone knock on my door. "Its open!" And, of course it was Amber. "Wow Amelia, you look nice! Anyway, I got the buggie started I will just wait out there." She said walking out of my room. "Wait my makeup is almost done. You can wait in here." I said, grabbing her wrist and guiding her to the couch. "Fine." Amber grunted. "Why are you such a lump lately? You haven't helped me tidy or anything! And, you looked like a mess for the past week. What`s going on with you?!" I said putting up finishing touches to my eyes then putting down the eyeliner. "Rude much?" She said disappointed. "I'm sorry, but I know you need someone to talk to. And, that person is going to be me." I said raising my eyebrows in the mirror. "We'll talk in the buggie, c'mon you look fine, lets go!" "Ok I have to turn off everything and grab my phone and lock the doors." I said grabbing Amber, then walking out of my room. "Meet me in the car." She said walking away.

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