One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


4. So Excited!

Amelia's POV:

It was the night of the concert and I bought tickets to stay in the pit. (Which is like front row.) I wore my newly bought outfit and Amber just wore her dress. Very casual, very pretty on her. I started up Amber's Jeep and waited for her. She finally came out and literally ran to the car she was so excited. "Ok lets go before the line gets to long!" She said, short of breath. "You, just give me a sec to put on the seat belt and we will go." I said going as fast as I could. "Put in the One Direction CD!" I said getting pumped for their concert. Whilst I was driving wind flowed through my hair, as we got closer to the stadium constant screams and cries of joy were heard from twelve year old girls. "Amber, sometimes I feel like we are the only fucking people in this fandom that are the appropriate age, and actually have a chance with the boys," I said sighing in belief. "You got that right. But, I think you forgot that most of these twelve year old girls came with their teenage sisters." She was right. There is quite a range of teenagers, but they were wearing One Direction shirts, British flag pants, and a pair of flip flops. As we entered this massive building, I could see from  the corner of my neck two boys. It looked like......OH MY GOD!!! LIAM AND NIALL!! "Amber, don`t scream, I think Niall and Liam are going to kidnap us. So stay aware." She nodded worriedly and continued walking. But, after I about five minutes, I all could hear was my heart beat, Amber, and a silent mumbling. I could feel we were in a car heading somewhere. "SHIT. A-AMBER WHERE ARE YOU?!" I was revealed, so I could finally see. I saw Amber had had a bruise on her face, one that had not been there before. My emotions mixed and I couldn`t help but to silently weep to myself. I knew she tried to fight off somebody when I was probably passed out. She tried to protect us. Now she was resting, but I know I could feel her hatred for someone in this car that she had fought off. The front window was rolled down to see five people in the front arguing about what to do with us. "Uh.....where am I?! What happened to Amber?" All chatter stopped. "So boys, I looks like my babe is awake now!" I could hear a British accent first talking then revealed to my face. A handsome boys, with the prettiest green eyes, and curly hair made me melt at the sight of him. And I could see he was amused at the sight that he caught my eye. "Welcome back! How did you sleep love?"  I couldn`t talk. I was too afraid. "U-uh... I was sleeping? Then why does Amber have a bruise on her face you jerk." I said snapping back at him. "Oh sassy one we have here don`t we? Oh, well your little friend, she um bumped her head on the floor, so Louis took the option to help her up." He said. I could tell that he was lying to my face. He thought I didn`t notice..

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