One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


7. please me

Harry`s POV:

As me and Amelia entered my bedroom, I put her down and held her against the wall, grinding my hips into hers. Making her quietly squeal in pleasure. My next move on her was whispering all the dirty things I could do to her, then started kissing her neck. I hit her sweet spot and she moaned, wanting more. "Harry, I want more... just, take me to the bed already." She said short of her breath. I smirked at the thought of it, then bringing her to the bed, removing her clothes. Amelia started pulling off my clothes as I left a wet trail of kisses down her chest area. Then I lightly started to thrust at her hips, making her feel my bulge. I gave her a cheeky smile and she approved of letting me take off her shorts. "Holy shit, black lace underwear! Nice going babe." She giggled me for saying that. I slowly took off her underwear, then I took off mine. I started to thrust very lightly. "You`re so tight." I say in pleasure. "H-Harry, faster." Amelia said, gasping for breath. I started to go faster and harder. I could tell that she started to be in pain. I pull her hair back from her face and whisper in her ear. "Don`t worry babe, it will be over soon" I said my moves on her getting sloppier and slower. "I-I`m gonna cum..." I said worriedly. "Hold it in Styles!" Amelia said aggressively. I like her when she`s like that. it`s sexy. "H-Harry, slow d-down please, you are hurting me." She said, a tear streaming down her face. "No need to cry babe, everything`s going to be alright I promise" I said stopping my thrusting and wiping her tear away. I lightly kissed her lips and went to grab some new clothes for me and her.

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