One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


9. Please, keep me safe..

Amelia`s POV:

I was arriving at the mall with Harry, where tons of girls are. Most of them single. Others were with their boyfriends, holding hands. But, most of these girls were 14 and 15 and they were like, kissing so much they could of eaten off each other`s faces. Harry helped me out of his car keeping me behind him as girls screamed and ran up to him, trying to tear off his clothes. "Hold my hand and never let go?" I said scared and unsure. "I  protect you, I promise." He said, giving me a dimpled smile with his green eyes glowing brightly. He gave me a reassuring kiss. "You stupid hoe!" I heard one girl scream. "I hate you! Harry is mine, not yours!" A girl screamed through the crowd. A tear shed down my face. "Harry can we please hurry?" I said. I wanted to stay away from everybody. Except Harry, he had something in him that was soothing. Maybe his dimpled smile? His low raspy voice? How he was so affectionate.. I don`t know. "Babe, a-are you ok?" Harry said. I woke up seeing me and Harry in Sleepy`s. "W-what happened to me? were am I? Harry?" "I`m right here. A fan smacked you hard, and you were out like a light. The security took her away though, you are fine now." Harry said, his plump pink lips kissing mine. "Are,  are the girls gone?" I said looking around. "The whole mall was cleared out about an hour after you got slapped. I stayed with you to make sure you were okay. I love you, Amelia.  I really do." Harry said to me, his cheeks turning red as I was getting up and regaining my vision. "I- I love you too Harry." After I said that Harry reached for my hand, thanked the employee and we started to go shopping. First up was Pink. "Hey babe, what about this?" Harry said, pulling out a hot pink corset. "No thanks Harry, stop being cheeky." I said my face growing red with anger. "Ooo lala! Harry! Look at these yogas! And, this top! Oh my gosh I just want the whole store!" Then someone grabbed my waist. And, it wasn`t Harry...the lights went dim and I couldn`t see where the hell I was. "Hey baby, you fine. Let me get up all in you."  I heard a boy say. He sounded about 15 and I could tell he wasn`t alone. We were still in the mall but Harry was probably looking, everywhere for me. "HARRY! HELP ME!" I said terrified for my life. "He can`t hear you-" Then I felt nobody was there. A tall boy took me in his arms taking the black cloth off my eyes so I could stare into his. "Harry?" I said not sure of what to do "I`m right here." He said giving me a kiss. I got out of his grasp, then facing him. "I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW I ALMOST GOT FUCKING RAPED!" I said. I looked at Harry with anger. He looked at me. "I know. And, I wish I was here sooner. I was stupid for not staying by your side like I promised. I broke your promise, Amelia, I`m so sorry." A tear shed from his eye. No need to cry. Please I love-" Harry stopped his crying grabbed my waist, pulled me and gave me a long, passionate kiss. And, I swear, felt like we were the only ones in the whole world.

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