One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


8. Periods and Promises

Amelia's POV:

"What the heck happened to watching Disney movies and cuddling?" I said to Harry. "I don't know." I laughed. But, there is something in him that I don't trust. Something dark. A dark secret he is keeping from me maybe. I have to find out. "Do you want to go shopping with me love?" Harry said, wanting me to get some fresh air. "Yes, since all I have for clothes is the ones I came to your concert in." Sure I was being grumpy, but it was his fault. He should have like asked me to go backstage or something. No fucking knock me out and fly me to a foreign area. "Ok miss sassy, we will leave in 10 minutes." "Can we get something to drink or eat? I'm starving." I said whining. "You just-" I cut him off. "It's not my fault I HAVE A FREAKING PERIOD. I'M HUNGRY NOW LET'S GO." Harry looked at me in a seductive way, he liked it when I was sassy. "You are awful cute when you are upset." He said giving me a dimpled smile. "Well I'm going to get fucking adorable if we don't go NOW." I said getting even more frustrated. "Have you even heard of a period? That means 1 week of you hearing me complain, hearing me cry, seeing me eat 24/7, and if I don't get my way.. I swear you don`t want to do it. I will throw a bitch fit."

Harry's POV:

Damn she so beautiful when she is angry. He nose scrunches and her cheeks fluster red. And he eyes turn to a darker blue. Like she is goin- Oh shit, her period....  WHAT?! Does that mean I have to get those weird thingies and buy a lot of food? Well it`s just 1 week I don't see a difference. "HARRY EDWARD STYELS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I WILL PUNCH YOU IF WE DONT GO NOW!!" She screamed in my face. "Ok, ok we will go now ok babe?" I kissed her and she started smiling... what is this?! Mood swings or something? Girls are way too confusing. I love her too much though. I can`t let her leave me. She is my everything. "C'mon babe, down to the car. I will take you to Starbucks."  She literally ran sown the hall and went down the stairs faster than I would and ran outside and started up the car rolled down the window and just yelled for me to hurry up. Once I entered the car, she started to talk to me almost as if she was about to cry. "The fans, they are going to mob you. Aren't they? And, I`m really claustrophobic around other people. I will get scared Harry. They will tear us apart." Amelia said, her face pale. "No. I will never let them separate us. I will protect you the whole way." She calmed down. "Promise?" She said her blue eyes meeting mine. "Promise." I went over to give her a hug and a kiss and then we were off to the mall.

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