One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


5. Kidnapper

Harry`s POV:

Wow, she`s beautiful. I felt bad for my attitude, but I just couldn`t do it. I was stuck by her beauty, her ombre hair, her beautiful blue eyes, her voice, just her. Who am I kidding? I don`t even know her name and she probably hates me. "And your name love? I never caught it." She gave me a snotty look and told me. "My n-name is A-Amelia." She said holding her friends head in her lap for support when she was awake. "U-uh, well um Amelia, you have quite a beautiful um name. And your everything is beautiful really.." She smiled at me and quickly caught her attention on her friend, who was awakening. Louis quickly turned back to see her, and ask if she was okay. I could see Amelia`s friend was clearly not impressed about where she was so she immediately turned around to Amelia and cried. Louis jumped to the back seat and wanted to hold her. Amelia whispered to him "can I even trust you?" he replied back "yes, please just don`t let me see her cry. Can I hold her?" She nodded and told Amber to turn around. Then she hopped up to the middle seats where she saw Niall, Liam, and me. Who she was sitting right next to. I smirked at her. Her first gesture to me was a slap. "What the hell Amelia? Why the hell did you slap me?" I said, my smirk going away. "Don`t think I didn`t know you kidnapped me Harry. Don`t ever lie to my face about Amber`s face. I knew she tried to fight off one of you." She said. Before I could reply she looked out the window to see she had flown to a countryside in Ireland. She was speechless. All I could hear was a gasp and silent weeping. I couldn't help but to turn her around and hug her, but she pushed me away, like she could handle herself and she didn`t need a boy to comfort her. I could tell she hasn`t ever had a boyfriend in her whole life. "Uh, Amelia, how old are you babe?" She stopped weeping and quietly replied "I-I`m 17. Why did you ask?" I paused. "Well clearly we haven`t started on the right foot. Let me tell you more about myself, My name is Harry, I`m 19 and I want to be your boyfriend." Oh crap what did I just do? I just.... SHIT Harry, get yourself together. "Well Harry, I`m Amelia, I`m 17 and I don`t understand why you would ask out someone you knocked out, and kidnapped, then brought her halfway across the world in the middle of nowhere. But, you can`t ask me out that easy. You have to earn my love." I looked confused. Then made a swift move to her face and passionately kissed her. "Did I earn your love, babe?" She then kissed me back and gripping my shoulders, pulling me in. "Hahaha, yes Harry, yes." But, she pulled me back and checked on Amber, who was kissing Louis, and stopped her crying. "Hey, Paul are we almost to the house?" Niall asked, wanting to stare at Amelia. And, then there was Liam wanting to be in Louis place. I could tell this would not go right.

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