One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


14. Just Dance With Me

Harry's POV:

I was getting ready to go to the club for the evening. We had to leave in one hour. The girls were both in a room, bonding and shit they do. I was in my room with the boys giving me tips on tonight. "Mate, all you have to do is stay with her the whole night, make sure nobody takes her. You don't want what happened last time. Do you?" Louis said to me. His eyebrows rising. "What happened last time?" Niall said. "She almost got raped by a fucking 15 or 16 year old. While we went shopping! I am such a douche." I said looking down. I wore my usual white T with some skinny jeans and my converse. I ruffled my hair a bit and opened the door. I ran down the hall and knocked on the door. "It's open!" I heard Amber say. I found them doing each others hair. Amber was fully dressed with her makeup on and her clothes and stuff. But, Amelia wasn't I smirked. Hey babe why aren't you dressed yet?" I said. " Oh well my dressing routine is much more different than Amber's, I get my makeup done first, then hair, then my outfit. Now get out Harry!" Amelia said to me laughing. "OK, ok calm down Ha-ha." I walked out and closed the door and listened to their conversation. All I could hear was a giggle then a lock. I twisted the doorknob. Locked. "SHIT!" Plan B Harry, Plan B, scream like a little girl. "AHHHH" I screamed in a high pitched voice. "Boo!" It was Amelia, she looked amazing. Some skinny jeans and a crop top with some combat boots completed her look. "Wow bae.... you look beautiful!" I said stuttering a bit. "I knew you would like it!" She giggled then gave me a kiss. I pulled in her waist to make the kiss more intense. "Slow down there smokey!" I heard Louis say from behind me. Amelia pulled away blushing. "Thanks Harry." She walked away. "Really Lou? I wouldn't do that to you!" "Sorry, it looked like you were really, REALLY getting into it." I gave him a snotty look.

Louis POV:

She looked like a snowflake. Her outfit looked spectacular on her. It really defined her big hazel eyes. "Don't be such a flirt tonight ok babe? I know you like to tease me." I said escorting Amber down the hall. "Yes I know Louis! You told me this yesterday." She looked at me with a raised eyebrows. "Don't look at me like that!" I laughed. "Oh my gosh Lou, your accent is amazing." She gushed. "Thanks, love."

Niall's POV:

"IS EVERYBODY READY TO GO?!" I yelled "I think so Niall!" Amelia yelled. I loved her accent. American girls are adorable.

*At Da Club*

Amelia`s POV

BOOM BOOM BOOM. The bass was so incredibly loud my ears could have bled. "Harry" I yelled over the music. "Amelia" He smirked back. "Please stay close to me. It is unusually crowded in here." Harry gave me a look. "Dance with me, gorgeous." Harry said his dimples becoming more defined. I gave my body away to the music. Opened my mind and not cared what other people thought of me. I swayed back and forth, back and forth to the music. My body becoming overwhelmed with heat and I was close to passing out. I sweat a bunch. "Harry, I'm going to get a drink ok?" I said. "Hold on, I'm coming with you. I'm not letting you out of my sight." While I was walking to the bar, a man walked by me. He was about 20 and gave me a wink. Harry punched the him. Ugh his temper is so fucking annoying sometimes. He gets angry over the smallest things. "Harry! What the hell." I said my temper rising. He rolled his eyes at me. "I have never had a drink before, this is my first time having something. I want a drink that won't make me really drunk. And I'm serious Harry." He nodded. "A martini for the girl, and I will have some beer." He smiled at me. His smile was so perfect. He caught me staring at him. "Are you staring at someone?" He said giving me the martini. I gave him a kiss and his mouth tasted of alcohol. He drank before we even arrived. He can be drunk also. Our tounges danced with each other. "Can we have some more fun after we dance babe?" He said. "You are so freaking cheeky Harry. And, that's why I love you." I said, giving him a cheeky smile back.

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