One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


6. 'home'

Amelia's POV:

To be Harry's girlfriend.. what does that mean? I was thinking to myself as we were carried into the house. Apparently so we couldn`t escape from them. I mean where else is there to go? No where. From all I could see for miles and miles is just nothing. Harry was carrying me as I slept in his arms, thinking about what all just happened in the past 24 hours since Amber and I had been with One Direction. I could feel Harry stroking my hair, and softly kissing my forehead with his plump lips. As we entered the house, I woke up startled at the door slamming. All I wanted to do was eat, so I grabbed Amber and headed toward the kitchen, emptying the fridge of all it has to offer with dinner supplies. I started cooking some Asian noodles with leftover steak. I could hear footsteps running up the stairs to see where we went. Of course it was Louis and Harry. As I got our dinner ready, Louis picked up Amber bridal style, and she seemed to enjoy it so I left them be. On the other hand I could feel someone`s hand on my ass. "Harry, just because you are my boyfriend doesn't mean you can be cheeky and put your hand on my ass, thank you very much." But, it wasn't Harry. It was Niall. And, he was kissing my sweet spot on my neck. As a reaction I moaned softly. I regretted doing it, Harry is very scary when he is angry he has a voice that can project over mine. He yelled at me in the car, which scared the living hell out of me.

Amber's POV:

Louis took me into his bedroom and gave me a fresh pair of clothes. "Here put these on love. It's all I have for comfy clothes, I hope its enough.."  He said wanting a kiss, but I walked into his bathroom and changed, and came out giving him a kiss. I walked out into the kitchen to see Niall hitting on Amelia. I couldn`t tell Harry. He scares me too much and I had to try my best to fight him but he got me right in the eye, then everything went black. So I just chose to push Niall off of Amelia and give him a good scare. "Niall, get your hands off of Amelia right now, or for the love of god I will slap the shit out of you." He turned around alarmed then ran to the couch, embarrassed. "That'll teach him." I said making Amelia laugh. I missed her so much, I gave her a huge, warm hug. "I missed you Amber"  Amelia said worriedly. "I was worried sick about what happened with your eye, it seems you have a bruise. Do you feel okay?" I had no choice but to lie to her. I couldn`t let her know that Harry punched me, but it was only on accident. I just didn't know what to do. "Yes I'm fine, is dinner ready yet?" I said as hungry as ever. "No, give it 20 more minutes and it will be ready. You can go chill for a little bit." I walked back into the room with Louis to take a nap with him. I was tired from the long way to Ireland.

Harry's POV:

I need to check on Amelia.. might as well, something smells really good though. I approach the kitchen seeing Amelia cook us all a nice dinner. I picked her up by her waist and sat her on the counter. "Harry-" I cut her off with a French kiss, then she wrapped her legs around my waist and I picked up. "Amelia, when are you going to understand that you are only mine?" I said turning off the stove  then guiding her to my room. "Curly, where are you taking me?" She said giggling. "To a place more private." She was clearly not ready for this 'sex' idea. "Harry, I`m not ready yet, I can`t." Amelia said worried. "Its not what you think Amelia, we are going to cuddle and watch classic Disney movies." She smiled at the thought of it. I loved her smile, it brightened up my whole day.

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