One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


1. Finally!!

I ran downstairs to receive a package. "Thanks Mr. Saby!" I said to the mailman. "Your welcome Amelia! Tell Amber I said hi, ok?" he said with a smile pasted on his face. Amber was my flatmate, and my best friend. "Amelia! Who the hell is at the door? It's 9AM!" I could tell Amber had just woken up and is grumpy because I hadn't made breakfast yet. "Ok, have a nice day Mr. Saby!" I said with a tired smile. "You too love." He said walking down the sidewalk. I quickly ran back upstairs to show Amber the One Direction tickets I had been saving up for. "Amelia, where the fuck is breakfast?!" Amber said. "Calm down, geez Amber whats wrong?" I looked at Amber with a concerned look. Her boyfriend had only broke up with her a week before the tickets were bought. "Its him, isn't it?" I looked down, going to grab the eggs. "Hold on Amelia, I can't handle this right now. I can't talk about Chris now that we broke up." I felt so bad for her, but I know the tickets will cheer her right up. "Hey, don't be so glum, I bought tickets to a One Direction concert!" I said friendly punching her shoulder. "Really?! Oh my gosh! When is the concert?!" Amber said jumping up and down. "This Friday. Why such a concern?" I said more confused than ever. "Are you stupid? I still have to freshen up and buy new clothes and MEEEEP!" She ran back into her room to change and grab her bag to go to the mall. "Well?!" Amber said yelling from her room. "Well, what!?" I yelled back. "Are you going shopping or not?" "Ya, I'm going give me twenty minuets and I will be ready."

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