One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


13. Before The Club

Amber's POV:

Amelia, all the boys, and I were going clubbing to bond a bit more. So, Amelia and I told the boys we were heading to the mall to buy and outfit for tonight. And, of course we weren't able to go without one of the boys going with us, so Zayn agreed. "Hi Zayn! How's your day today?" I said cheerily. "Not bad, how about you two?" He said giving us a nice smile. "Awesome!" I said excited to buy a dress. "Um.... mine could have been better" Amelia said. She had face towards the window, I knew she was thinking of something or someone. "Who are you thinking about?" I said to Amelia, scaring her. "Well, me and Harry went to the mall, you know to buy some clothes for me. And, it turns out, I got teased by 14 and 15 year olds, almost got raped by a 16 year old, and got called a slut by the paparazzi. Everything is completely and totally fine." Amelia said, putting her buds in. When she does that she is done talking to me or anybody else until she is ready to accept the fact that is in the past. "Sounds like you got a problem, darling." Zayn said, the look of sorrow in his eyes as he stared into the review mirror. "She can't hear you. She needs to cool down. Music is her only escape out of reality. It helps her think better." I said staring into the review mirror. Wow his eyes were so beautiful. A nice shade of brown. Long eyelashes. Ugh I'm so jealous of his eyes. "Oh. It's really a disappointment. I wanted to talk to her. I hope I didn't do anything wrong." I could tell Zayn had his eye on Amelia. I mean, who wouldn't she's prettier than I am and her personality is amazing. She is my best friend. And, its my job to protect her from all circumstances. "You like her. Don't you?" I said. "Please don't tell Harry." Zayn said staring into the review mirror. "Don't worry I won't. But, if you even try to hurt her.. I swear to god Zayn, Harry will beat the living hell out of you." I spat back. "I promise I just really like her. Its like she is made for me. You know?" "No Zayn, I don't know, Amelia was made for Harry to get your fucking head out of the clouds and pay attention to what's in front of you." I said once again snapping back. "Ok little miss sassy, I will turn this car around." I gave him the look. I squinted my eyes at him and crossed my arms. Amelia noticed and took out her buds. "The fuck guys?! I'm not in the mood for one of your little stare downs. So stop." That made both of us laugh. "Hey, Amelia do you mind sharing a drink with me when we are at the club?" Zayn said nervously. "Sure, Zayn. I don't mind." I new that was a lie. Amelia never drank, even on my birthday she wouldn't drink. "Hey, I'm going to text you something real quick."



To: Sista

I no u don't like 2 drink!

So what its no big deal...

Don't do it! If u drink to much, Zayn will b all over you!! Didn't u kno he likes u?

What?!?! :O

Yea. So just watch yourself.

Thanks, that really means a lot.

No probs, now u just need to laugh. Pretend I just sent you something funny. Ok by.


*After the mall*

Amelia`s POV:

I had bought a black lace, short dress that hugged my curves. I knew it would please Harry, he loved the design on me.

Amber`s POV:

I had bought a hot pink, short dress with a nice pair of white Toms. I might as well thank Zayn for the favor. I know Lou will love it.


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