One night that changed, everything.

You would be surprised how one night can change two girls lives.


11. A Beautiful Mess

Harry's POV:

Amelia and I were exiting the mall and we were stopped by girls. Lots and lots of girls. All of them screaming my name, insulting my girlfriend, paparazzi taking endless photos asking me questions. "Why are you dating this slut?" I heard a pap say. "She's not a slut, you just don't know her like I do." I said about to punch one of them in the face. "Know her slutty naked image? We would love to see that too." One pap said right in my face. I went to punch him in the neck, but then I heard a small voice. "Harry, not now, I just want to leave." Amelia said. "Fine." I looked over to the pap. "You're all lucky I didn't punch your faces in you bastards." I said gripping Amelia's hand tighter, quickly escaping to the car before they got anymore pictures of us. "Are you ok, love?" I said worried looking over to Amelia, who had her buds in. Probably listening to her favorite artist, Jason Mraz. I could hear her humming along to I'm Yours. "You besta believe I'm yours....wooah oohh" I could hear her quietly sing. She was so beautiful, it was like she was made for me. I still can't imagine what was going through my head when I decided to kidnap her. All I was doing was taking a glance at all of our fans then I just told Liam and Niall to kidnap her and Amber I guess. I tapped on her shoulder. "Yes baby?" She said turning down her iPod. "I now need to tell you why I kidnapped you. And, it's kinda important." She took out her buds and shut off her iPod. "Uh... um... ok." She nodded. "I was taking a quick glace at all of the fans you know. Maybe I could say hi. But, I didn`t want to say hi to you, I wanted you all for myself. I wanted to grow old with you. Fall in love with you over and over again everyday. So I made a bad mistake to kidnap you instead of ask for your number. Or tell a security guard I wanted you backstage. And, I don't hope you leave me ever. I do love you Amelia, I really do." I said. "Uh, Harry. I don't know how to say this, but I was mad at you for my kidnap. I really was. But, I love you for doing it. I love you for all the little things you for me. I will never leave you. I really won't." A tear shed down my face. "Harry I-" She said whispering. I made a cheeky move and grabbed her face. Looked into her eyes and I, I did nothing she was so beautiful. "Oh, I thoug-" I made a mistake to not kiss her. So I interrupted her once again and kissed her. Her hair messing up from me playing with it. "Forever young, I wanna be forever young.." I said between kisses. I pulled back. "Harry, why do you do that to me?" Amelia asked. "Do what?" I said smirking.

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