The Strong Promise

veronica meets a blue-eyed boy and become friends until she finds out a very strong secret and promises to not to tell no one.


1. Life

"Just finshed unpacking my lugagges mom!" i shouted to my mom all the way from my room to the kitchen.My name is Veronica Bishop i'm came all the way from Dallas,Texas to the United Kingdom to study.My mom is Silvia Bishop she got divorced to my dad 2 years ago when i was still in high school.My mom is going to get married to her boyfriend Taylor Wolffe he's nice to me and my mom.Anyway  i'm here at United Kingdom because i'm going to study or i'm going to become a singer.Then i'm going to move to Ireland.When we were coming out of the plane  screaming girls were outside waiting for people i guess but i didn't really care.

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