A Hero

This storys character Cassie had somewhat of my life in the beginning and my best friend Angela really did kill herself 6 days after my birthday. Read to find out more about this story.


2. Tour With One Direction?

"Hey how are you this morning?" Liam asks.
"Could be a hell of a lot better. Thanks for asking I say with a sad smile. He gets up and hugs me and I hug him back he hugs me for a few seconds too long.
I hear someone clear their throat. I pull away from Liam and I look at who it came from. It's Harry.
"Morning." I say.
"Good morning." Harry says and wraps me in a hug and kisses my cheek.
"I should wake Anna up we have to get our stuff from the hotel and go back home today." I say.
"What if I don't want you to leave?" Harry says.
"I can't stay Harry and you're going all over the world for your tour you're not staying either. And my step dad will kill me if I don't get home when he said."
"Come with me on tour Cassie stay with me please" he begs.
"I can't I'm so sorry Harry. I have to go see my friends parents and then go to the wake and funeral. Which is going to be extremely hard but I have to. We can hangout when you get back I promise. I'll give you my number you can call and text me when you can if you want but I can't go with you. I wish I could." I say with tears in my eyes.
"I'll talk to your step dad and make sure you're at the wake and funeral foe your friend just stay with me." He's starting to tear up. I can tell he's worried about me. I pull him outside the bus.
"Harry I know you're worried about me I can tell. I'll be okay I promise." I tell him.
"Cassie I'm not just worried it's more than that I'm afraid I'll lose you forever and never see you again. I don't want to go to your wake and funeral." He says crying.
"Harry I wont do anything I promise. Please don't worry and be afriad. I'll be okay."
"You weren't okay the other night!" He says slamming his fist against the bus. "Damn it Cassie I want to help you." He says and suddenly his lips are on mine and I'm kissing him back. He deepens the kiss it becomes passionate and amazing. I wrap my arms around his neck and my back is against the cold bus.
"Cassie?" I hear Anna say and Harry and I pull apart.
"Yeah Anna?" I ask.
"We have to get our stuff I have to be home soon." Anna says.
"Right I'm just going to get my Stuff I'm not going home." I say and look at Harry. "I'm going with on tour with Harry and the boys."
Harry grabs me and lifts me and kisses me.
"Thank you." He says.
I just smile.
"Cassie but what about all the things you have to do back at home?" She says.
"I'll find a way to do them." I say.
"Whatever you say." She says and goes back on the bus.
"Let's go get your stuff. And then I'll have Louis take you shopping to get more clothes." Harry says and kisses me.
"Thanks." I say.
"Anything for you." Harry says and we get back on the bus.
"So are you coming with us?" Louis asks.
"I'm coming!" I say and they all hug me and I see Anna sitting on the couch upset. "I should talk to Anna."
"Okay go a head." Harry says.
I go over and sit next to Anna.
"Anna I know you're upset with me but this is the only.way to escape my stepdad. If I don't do this he will end up killing me and you know it." I say.
"I know but I'm not just upset you're not going back with me I'm upset cause I slept with Niall last night and it was amazing but he didn't ask me to go with him too like Harry asked you. You and Harry didn't even do anything last night but cuddle." Anna says.
"I don't know what to say Anna but you're also in your senior year and have to finish. Maybe he just wants you to finish school and graduate then you could come with us and finish the tour." I say.
"Maybe but still he was my first." She says.
"I know. Do you want me to talk to him?"
"Would you?"
"Yes Anna I will. I'll be right back." I say and walk away.
"Hey Niall can we talk for a minute?" I ask him.
"Yeah of course." Niall says.
We go into another room.
"Niall Anna's really upset cause you didn't ask her to come on tour with you." I say cutting to the chase.
"I would like to but she's in her senior year and I'd like her to finish and graduate. But I want her to come with us she can join us after she graduates." Niall says.
"Go tell her that please. She needs to hear it from you." I say.
"Okay thanks for talking to me." Niall says.
"No problem." I say and go out to Harry.
"Hi babe. Everything okay?" Harry asks as I sit next to him and he wraps his arms around me.
"Yeah everything's fine." I say and kiss him and settle into his arms.
He puts his hand on my face and turns it to face him gentily and starts kissing me.
"Get a room you two love birds." Louis shouts and we pull apart.
"Lets go get your stuff out of the hotel." Harry says and gets up and then pulls me up and we get in my car and go to the hotel.

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