A Hero

This storys character Cassie had somewhat of my life in the beginning and my best friend Angela really did kill herself 6 days after my birthday. Read to find out more about this story.


1. Mysterious Guy

My name is Cassie Summers I'm 19 and I have depression. I cut my self and have tried to kill myself. My best friend Ang also has depression and we tell each other everything. She knows my step dad abuses me physically and verbally and emotionally ever since my mum died in a car accident. I was in the car and lived my mom died on impact the other driver was a drunk driver and is now in prison.
Thank God I get out of this house tonight. Me and my cousin Anna are going to One Direction's first concert of the Take Me Home Tour on Saturday in London we're leaving tonight since its Friday and going to stay in a hotel. I'm at her house now all my stuff is in my mini Cooper. I go in her house.
"Who's ready to go see 1D?!" I yell and she comes in the room.
"I am!" Anna yells. And we put her stuff in my car and we get in and start to drive.
"I have a surprise!" I say.
"What is it?" She asks.
I pull out two backstage passes and hand them to her.
"Oh my God I can't believe you got backstage passes! Thanks you!" She says.
"You're welcome." I say and take mine.
We finally get to the hotel and check in and go up to our room and get settled. My phone goes off. I look its my step dad.
"What?" I say.
"Don't you what me you fucking bitch. Go kill yourself like you killed your mother you whore." He yells into the phone and I hang up.
"Anna I'm going for a walk I'll be back soon." I say and walk out.
I walk and walk till I find a bridge planning on jumping I put my hands on the cold railing. I put one foot on the first bar then my other foot and go up to the next bar. And I stop and stare up at the dark sky then look down at the dark water hot tears streaming down my face.
"Please don't." I hear someone say behind me. I look behind me at the person. Its a guy about my age wearing a gray beanie and dark shiny aviators and a black pea coat jacket.
"Please just go away." I tell him.
"Whatever it is it's not worth it. Don't do this." He says.
"Yes it is. Nobody cares nobody wants me or loves me. I'm just a mistake." I say and take another step up.
"I care and maybe I want you. You have people who love you." He says.
"No I don't please just leave me alone. Just let me die."
I feel him wrap his arms around my waist and pull me off the railing. I drop to the ground and cry he sits next to me and puts his arms around me and I hug him and cry.
"Shh its okay you're going to me okay. Shh." He says quietly.
After a while I calm down and we stand up.
"If you want I'll take you home." He says brushing hair out of my face.
"Okay thanks. But I'm actually staying at a hotel with my cousin we're going to a concert tomorrow night." I say.
"Really? What concert?" He asks.
"You'll probably think I'm childish just like every other person. But it's a One Direction concert me and my cousin are directioners even though they disappointed me." I say.
"That's not childish at all. How did they disappointed you?"
"Well this wasn't my first time trying to take my life. Before I tried that night I tweeted Harry asking for help about how he got through people saying mean horrible things about him and I never got an answer. So I decided to take my life no one wanted to help me no one cared enough not even the person I look up to made his dreams come true like I wish I could. I went into the bathroom and took the last of my sleeping pills which apparently weren't enough to kill me because I woke up in my bed." I say. "And I don't even think Harry read that tweet."
"He sounds like an ass and if you succeeded in taking your life and he knew about the tweet and saw the next day you were dead he'd feel like shit." He says.
"I doubt it. But were at the hotel now. Thanks for walking me back. And by the way it's too dark for sunglasses." I say.
"Well maybe I just like wearing them. Goodnight." He says and starts to talk away.
"Goodnight." I call to him and he looks at me and smiles wow he's got a really nice smile. I smile back and go inside and up to my room It." Anna says.
"What's wrong?" Harry asks and I can't make out words. Anna shows him her page.
"Angela's her very best friend in the world they're like sisters. Never had one fight even since they were really little." Anna says.
"Shit this is bad. Cassie listen to me. Its going to be okay. I'm here for you and so are the boys and Anna. Shh calm down honey." Harry says and holds me closer to him.
I look at Anna. "Text my aunt tell her its true." I say between sobs.
Harry picks me up bridal style and carries me to their bus. And lays me on his bed and lays next to me holding me as I cry. Eventually I cry myself to sleep in Harry's arms. And I feel him kiss my forehead and wipe my tears before I fall completely asleep.
I wake up still in Harry's arms. He's still asleep and I'm still extreme upset and in a lot of emotional pain and I need my release. I slip out of Harry's arms without waking waking him and go into my bag and pull out my small pocket knife and slip it into my pocket then I go into the bathroom and lock the door and turn the water on and start to cry. I take my knife out of my pocket and open it. I sit on the toilet and put it on my wrist and feel its coldness and I drag it across my wrist releasing the pain with another. I watch as red rises on my wrist and make two other cuts. There's blood covering my hand. I stand up and put my knife in the sink and wash the blood off it and my wrist. I turn the water off and take some paper towels and wrap it around my cuts to stop the bleeding. I dry off the the knife and close it and put it in my pocket. I check my wrist to make sure the bleeding stopped. It has, I wipe off the remaining blood. I pull my sweater on to hide the cuts and wipe my face with a wet paper towel. I come out of the bathroom and I see Niall and Anna cuddling on his bed. Louis, and Liam are awake and Zayn is asleep.

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