Letters To Harry

Regan Creel, an eighteen year old homeschooled student, lives in the sunny side of California. Ever since she was twelve years old she had been sending letters to Harry, Harry Styles. That is until he became a mega world-wide star, and ignored the letters. Regan did notice as they got older his letters changed and he didn't put as much effort into them.

Regan got offered a recording contract founded by Justin Beiber with her four other friends. She gladdly accepted and the band was becoming a huge hit. One Direction management (only caring for popularity of course) decided to bring "Infitinaty" (the band) on tour with One Direction...

Will Harry ignore her? Who is going to be the first in crack? What will happen next?


2. Mad Rush

Regan POV

This was not happening. No. I would not survive three months staying with those five...jerks! Who knows what would happen. Harry wouldn't remember me, he's changed anyway. I don't care about him anymore - why do I keep thinking about him though? Gahh. Stupid management, stupid popularity, stupid contract. I should of thought twice after signing that piece of crap...


I started to pack next to Indie, insanly chucking half on my cupboard into my suitecase, my breathing increasing and my teeth cleched together. The four girls looked at me and slightly took a step back. "A-are you alright there?" Clara asked quietly watching me stress out. "Oh me? I'm perfectly fine. Better than ever! Whoo!" I smile crazily and laugh as I quickly zip up my suitcase in anger. They all look at each wondering what was up.


They don't know about my penpal I had last in the two last years...the different - softer Harry. Why I was going insane.


Clara's POV

What the hell is wrong with Regan?! I haven't seen her like this since prom when her dress ripped in front of her crush and the whole of senior high. Strange...but I'm sure she'll chanage sooner or later.


Once we all packed in a few good minutes we slipped on our shades and four bodygaurds surronded us. One of our managers, Pam, walked by our side struggling to catch up with us seemingly not susprising since she was carrying like thousands of paper work and contracts. "Girls, hop in the limo. We need to get to the airport asap! Our flight is leaving in only a few minutes, we need to get to London!" she managed to say through breaths, running along.


We slipped in the sleek, black limo and the body gaurds sat in the front, one of the bodygaurds drove the limo. Pam was sitting next to us, blabbing on about paper work and contracts and media. Being famous was harder than it looked.


And this was going to be a loonnng car trip - for all of us!


5 hours later...


Harry's POV

They'll going to be here in a about now, I thought smirking to myself. There was a knock at the door, I was the first to shot up from my seat and run over to the door like a two year old. I swung open the door and - no way.


This is not happening. Regan, Regan Creel, was in Infinity?! I should really find out more about people these days...She was average, I didn't bother looking at her properly. I glanced at her chest and smirked. I noticed the other girls and my smirk grew wider. These girls were foxy. Simple.


"Are you going to move?" Regan asked through clenched teeth. I smirked at her. "Any thing for you...Regan" I rolled my eyes and stepped back allowing the space for them to walk past. The girls exchanged glances.


"You know Regan?" the blonde one asked tilting her head slightly. That was cute. It took a moment for the question to go through my mind. I didn't want to tell them anything about me and Regan. I thought fast. "No, I just saw her on uh, advertisements and um stuff..yeah thats right" I bit my lip runnig my hand through my curls. I glanced at Regan and noticed she was smiling slightly. I rolled my eyes at her and gave her a short glare. Worst enemies I guess now...


The girls walked in and that gave me a chance to check out their asses. I smirked walking behind a one that was checking herself in a pocket mirror. She reminded me of Zayn...



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