Letters To Harry

Regan Creel, an eighteen year old homeschooled student, lives in the sunny side of California. Ever since she was twelve years old she had been sending letters to Harry, Harry Styles. That is until he became a mega world-wide star, and ignored the letters. Regan did notice as they got older his letters changed and he didn't put as much effort into them.

Regan got offered a recording contract founded by Justin Beiber with her four other friends. She gladdly accepted and the band was becoming a huge hit. One Direction management (only caring for popularity of course) decided to bring "Infitinaty" (the band) on tour with One Direction...

Will Harry ignore her? Who is going to be the first in crack? What will happen next?


1. Fame, Ignorance and Love?

Regan's POV:

I look over the giant crowd watching all the fans screaming and singing along with my four bandmates, in "Infinity". So this is what it feels like to be a big hit.. I'm still not sure why Harry would ignore me like this. Oh wait, I remember. He's turned into a two-faced, jerkish manwhore, player. Geesh.

I looked over to my one of my bandmates, Angela, who was smiling back at me. Why did Justin Beiber even put consider me in this band? I mean Angela, Jessica, Clara and Indie were gorgeous and I was just normal. With my brunette curls tumbling down my shoulders and original brown eyes weren't different to anyone else. I was basic. I can't consider myself ugly...but just basic.

We've been best friends since Junior High, then Justin Beiber discovered us at the pub, singing karaoke. He bought us some drinks and offered us a recording deal. This was only a few months ago. And in those few months this has been a huge life changer - for all of us.

Angela was the funny one, and always made me laugh. She had light brunette straightened hair flowing naturally down to her waist. Her bright green eyes were always a turn on for guys.

Jessica was the blonde one, she eats a ton but never gains any weight. She's always been famous basically...on tumblr and such. Perfect tumblr girl..

Clara was the most caring person ever, she's been really close ever since her mother died in a car crash..She has soft caramel waves and hazel eyes.

Indie was vain yet nicer than most girls. She had dark brown hair and dark eyes, the thing that I most adore about her is her natural long eyelashes. Yet again perfection.


We finished our song and thanked everyone for coming to the concert and headed off stage the lights dimmed out. "ERMAHGAWD...that. was. ACCA-MAZING" Angela says jumping up and down backstage. I laugh at her. "I need go fix my hair" Indie groans rushing towards a mirror. I roll my eyes and smile, typical Indie.


Harry's POV

I smirked at the girl on my lap, Zayn hired some girls for my 18th birthday. It really was worth it. My boner pushed up against her bottom and she continued to lap dance in her lingerine.


Suddenly Simon and a few other management guys made their way through the door. Simon started of with a sigh and gave me a short glare. "Harry, how many times do I have to stress it? Keep it in your pants" he warned and stared at the girl, tossing her clothes, as she quickly got up. I quickly rolled my eyes.


Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn followed up behind Simon and management. "What, I've come here to talk about is popularity. One Direction. Media" he states. The lads and I, looked confussed exchanging glances with each other. "Yeah? What exactly?" Niall asked frowning.


"Well, you all probably now by now that all girl band - Infinity - right?". Infinity? I've heard of them. We all nodded slightly. "Number one, just one space above you on the charts." he went on. "Get to the point already!" Louis laughed running his hands through his frindge.


Simon sighed, before continuing. "I called their management up and they going to be staying with you for the rest of your tour. They'll give you media attention and fresh new popularity from their fans" he ended. "They'll be here tomorrow. I want no funny buisness" he said firmly, looking directly at me. I smiled smugly and shrugged.


This was going to be fun. I heard they're were hot. When Simon left, the lads and I smirked at each knowing we were going to ignore Simon's orders as usual.







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