Broken souls

Farren is a troublesome teen.she finds love where she least expects it. She has been passed foster home to foster home. She has been bullied and hurt all her life. She is hated by many and loved by few. And this is her story.


13. Trying to recover

My eyes flutterd open as the crisp sunlight peaked throughs the curtains of the hotel room. My skin felt sticky I really need a shower.i got up and looked at the clock. It read 8:00. Niall who was still asleep on the couch took thin breaths. I wonderd if I should wake him but I probably shouldn't. He needs his sleep because of the whole thing that happend last night. I grabbed my back pack and walked into the bath room. I locked the door and stood on the cold white tiles and started to undress.when I was done I turned on the shower and let it run I would wait for the water to get hot. I turned around I was standing In front of a large mirror. I saw a skinny pail figure standing there. I put my hair into a messy bun. I ran my fingers down my neck to my arm that was scarred with cuts.the only thing beautiful about me where my eyes. I determined awhile ago that I was ugly. I was skinny my ribs bulged out from almost being starved to death. I'm arms had ugly scars and where badly bruised from yesterday's tug of war. My back was scraped up. I put on a towel and peaked out of the door. Niall was still asleep. I closed the door and felt the water. It had warmed up I slowly got in. I covered my mouth trying not to make a sound. My back felt like it was on fire. After awhile it stoped hurting I washed my hair with the hotel soap. I got out and dried off. I searched through my back pack all I had was the sweat pants and shirt that I sleep in and wore yesterday. But luckily I had a pair of black yoga pants and a blue t shirt that I used in gym class. I slipped on my cloths and got ready. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Niall sitting on the couch watching tv. "Hey" he looked over at me and said "good morning".I sat next to him and watched tv.

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