Broken souls

Farren is a troublesome teen.she finds love where she least expects it. She has been passed foster home to foster home. She has been bullied and hurt all her life. She is hated by many and loved by few. And this is her story.


9. Somewhere safe

||farrens POV||
As I stared up at him he leaned down. I closed my eyes thinking this a dream. I felt his soft lips touch mine. I seemed like I was frozen in that moment forever. After it was over I put my phone in my pocket. I glanced out the window it look about five pm. I ran out of school at about nine am. I sat in the ally one hour and sleep for three hours.then I must of been in this hospital sleeping a couple hours.all I wanted to do is go somewhere safe anywhere but the foster home I'm currently living in with the meanest man I knew. "Where are we gonna go?" I asked. "Do you just want to go to my hotel room" he asked. "Sure that's fine but can we stop by my school first?"I asked. "That's fine" I didn't know what to think about Niall I mean I feel safe with him but I hardly know who he is. I have listened to there music but that's about it. Held my hand lead me out of the hospital I followed him out. There was a taxi waiting. We got in and drove to my school. I got out alone. I went into the front office my books where on the counter. I walked down the dark and barren hall to my locker I put my books in and grabbed my my back pack. My sketch book fell out and landed on one of the first pages. I knew the wouldn't just put my books in the front office. I felt like I was be choked. On the the page written in ink slut,whore,die bitch. I flung the book to the floor. I cried hard as I sat on the floor.i want right here right now I slammed my head against the locker. I did it more and more. My head started bleeding and I was starting to get dizzy. I laid on the floor crying I'm all alone I thought to myself. my vision was blurry every thing was foggy. I can see Niall running to me. He picks me up and puts the back pack on his shoulder. He puts the sketch book in the bag. He lays me down in taxi and puts my bag on the floor. I lay on taxi seat still quietly cry.
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