Broken souls

Farren is a troublesome teen.she finds love where she least expects it. She has been passed foster home to foster home. She has been bullied and hurt all her life. She is hated by many and loved by few. And this is her story.


10. Hotel

Soon I stopped crying but the pain still lingers. My head is killing me. Soon I decide to lay in Nialls lap. He strokes my hair.soon the taxi stops.i get out and put my back pack on and hold Nialls hand as we walk into this huge hotel. I gaze up a the sparkling chandelier. We walk to the front desk to get our room keys. "Have you ever been in a hotel this big?"Niall asks. "no never"I say. We take an elevator up I hold his hand tightly. I feel like a scared toddler. I'm almost 17. I don't get why I'm so scared. I feel ashamed that I'm acting like a child.i stay close to Niall as we get off the elevator and walk down the hall. "All the guys and I are sharing a huge room if you want you can take the bed ill take the couch"he said. "No I don't want to inconvience you". "No it's fine"he said. "Ok then". We walked in and I slightly peaked out from behind him. All the guys were having tea and watching a football match on tv.
||nialls POV||
I could feel her tight grip on my hand."guys this is farren she's gonna hang out with us tonght!" "Hey farren no need to be so shy!"Liam said kindly."you can sit here" Louis said patting the seat next to him. "I'll get us tea" I went into the kitchen and pourd us both tea and put cream and sugar in the cup.
||farrens POV||
I sat on the couch next to Louis he smiled kindly at me. I decided to relax they are no guys they won't call me names or be mean to me."Eleanor is on her way she bring cheese pizza"Louis said. "Yay I'm starving that hospital food is so gross"I said. louis laughs "I agree!". "Your gonna love Eleanor she's very nice"Niall said.he sat down next to me and I put my head on his sholder. For the first time I feel safe.
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