Broken souls

Farren is a troublesome teen.she finds love where she least expects it. She has been passed foster home to foster home. She has been bullied and hurt all her life. She is hated by many and loved by few. And this is her story.


5. 911

||nialls POV|| as I walked down the side walk I heard somone scream for help.i rushed down the side walk. I saw a girl being pulled into a van. Her hair was red on her arms she dried blood I could tell something bad happend. I grab her arm after the guy let go she flew back onto the side walk. "Hello 911 yes I have a grip who was almost abuducted" a stared down at her but she didn't seem to notice me. All the sudden she blacks out I shake her "wake up"! I here sirens. The paramedics rush her to the hospital I ride with them. I group text the guys.

Niall:I'm headed to the hospital
Zyan: what Niall what's going on!?!
Harry:did you get hurt?
Liam:why are you going to the hospital?
Niall:ill explain later will you meet me there?
Louis:of corse
Liam:ill be there soon
Zyan:on my way

As we head to the hospital I watch her. She's beautiful she looks about 17.
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