Mixed Up Love

2 sisters, Shannon and Amber run away from their abusive father. After their mum died their father started getting rough with them. As their running away fro home they run into 2 boys. Those 2 boys change Shannon and Amber's life forever.


7. Mistakes

Amber's POV

"Come on baby," Harry said taking my hand and pulling me into his room.

I got excited. I know we like just got together, but i was still excited. He picked me up bride style and laid me on the bed. He started kissing me passionately. Then he started kissing my neck. Then back to my lips. He started taking off my shirt. Then he took of my pants. Still kissing me on the lips. He was already shirtless. So i started taking off his pants. He started kissing my belly. Then he took my bra and under wear off. I moaned a quiet moan hopeing he didnt hear. He didnt. Then he put his thing in and out of mine. Then for the rest on the night we just laid there.

"I love you Harry Styles," I said

"I love you too Amber Walsh," he said kissing my forehead.

We eventually fell asleep.


Authors Note:

Sorry about the short chapter!

Luv ya!!!! <3

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