Mixed Up Love

2 sisters, Shannon and Amber run away from their abusive father. After their mum died their father started getting rough with them. As their running away fro home they run into 2 boys. Those 2 boys change Shannon and Amber's life forever.


6. Happy Days

Shannon's POV

I was so happy Louis asked me out. Of course i said yes! Amber walked in she was smiling ear to ear.

"Hey whats up." i said.

"Harry asked me out!" she said whispering into my ear 

"What the hell did you say!?!" I screamed at her.

"I said yes." she said. I ran over to her and gave her a huge hug.

"OMG OMG," i said," we both have boyfriends!" I screamed at her. I could tell OUR BOYFRIENDS were watching. Amber left the room. Louis came in and sat next to me.

"Hey babe Vas' happnen." he said to me.

"Nothin really," I said to him. He came closer to me and whispered, "I love you." I whispered back, "I love you too". He leaned in closer to me and kissed me. It felt like fireworks!!!!

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