Mixed Up Love

2 sisters, Shannon and Amber run away from their abusive father. After their mum died their father started getting rough with them. As their running away fro home they run into 2 boys. Those 2 boys change Shannon and Amber's life forever.



Amber's POV

I was finishing cooking dinner for my sister and I. Shannon was sitting at the island with tears in her eyes. I walked over to her and gave her her food. I sat down next to her.

"It's ok Shannon," I said hugging her.

"No it's not Amber," she said hugging me back.

Bill came walking in drunk. We call him Bill to each other when hes not around. He doesn't deserve to be called dad. He grabbed a knife.

"No don't Dad!" I said.

He walked over to Shannon. Put the knife to her stomach.

"To the bed!" he yelled at her. Then she did what she was told. I started tearing up.

"Please don't hurt her!" I screamed following them.

She got on the bed. Then the door bell rang. Our only chance out.

"Stay here!!!" Bill yelled. Then he went to get the door.

Shannon and I ran to the window. We open it as fast a possible. Then we climbed to the curb and start running out the back gate. We run to the police station. And then we tell them everything, to when our mum died, to what just happened. They take us to the hospital to check for any dieses. They said we don't have any, which was a relief. Then the police officer came into our hospital room and told us they got Bill. A sigh of relief flooded through the air. We finally left the hospital.

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