Living the dream

His hair felt so soft as I ran my fingers through it. All I wanted to do was give him a long delicious kiss."Harry do you love me?" The only response I wanted was"yes with all my heart."


5. An Incredible night

I pulled down his pants and he laid me on his bed. I watched him as he took his jeans from around his ankles. His boner was showing through his boxers. I was so excited. He jumped up on the bed and asked me my name. I was stunned that I hadn't even told him. When I said cristy he whispered it back into my ear as he kissed my neck. He kissed me all the way down my body untill he got to my pants. He unbuttoned them and took them always from my legs and threw them across the room. He kissed me one more time then slipped off my panties. He spead my legs apart a little then pulled his boxers off. His penis looked so perfect. I had always fantasized about him and I couldn't believe it was coming true for me. He put his penis inside me and thrusted forwards untill he met my lips again. It felt so amazing to be with the love of my life I thought I could never have.
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