Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


4. What are we supposed to do?

"So..... umm like. what were you guys talking about?" The other blonde said. "None of your business." I said with a smirk. "They were probably making out or something back there." The bratty blonde snobbed. "Oh yeah, we totally were, because we so wouldn't do it right in front of you guys, like this!" I pulled Harry closer to me, and kissed him, grabbing his neck, we were making out, for the first time. I got butterflies, I didn't wanna stop kissing him. But ya know, we have to breathe. The two girls were looking away in disgust. Harry and I stood there laughing at their faces. "So, I think we are gonna be in here for awhile, what's your guys' names?" I managed to squeak out, still short of breathe from kissing Harry for so long. But it was totally worth it. "I'm Becca and this is Ashley." The blonde, Becca said. "Well I'm Jewels and this is Harry." I reply. "Nice to meet you." Harry said, always smiling. The lights flickered and suddenly the power came back on. "YES!" I screamed. "The 2 girls looked at me. "What? If we are gonna be trapped in here we should at least have power." "That's true." Becca said. Becca seemed pretty nice, it was Ashley who was a brat. "Well, lets see, its 4:30 now. So we've been here for about 2 hours. You guys were waiting to be picked up for an hour?" I said in disbelief. "Um, yeah! My mom must have got caught in the snow storm." Ashley said. "Okay, I was just wondering." I snapped. Harry was sitting on the floor, staring at me, smiling. I stuck my tongue out at him, and he laughed. I sat down next to him, and he pulled me closer into his arms. He was so warm. I felt safe around him. "You know, I've always tried chasing after you, but I don't think you ever noticed. Maybe that's why I wanted you so badly." Harry whispered into my ear. "I'm sorry, Harry. I was just too caught up in my school work, thats all. If I would have payed attention a little more, I might have noticed." I said, feeling a little sad it could have happened sooner. "That's okay, I thought you were playing hard to get, I like that." Harry said with a smile. "Okay Harry!" I said laughing. "I'm hungry, wanna go to the cafeteria and make some food?" Harry said. "Yeah, I'm hungry too." I noticed. "We are going to the cafeteria to get food, are you guys coming?" Harry asked the two girls. "Sure, why not?" Becca got up. "Ashley are you coming?" Becca asked. "I guess I have no choice!" She whined. Harry and I ran to the cafeteria. "This is gonna be our first date!" I said winking at Harry. We both laughed. "Okay, go find some candles!" He shouted at me. "Do you really want me to? " I giggled. "I'm not gonna make you do that!" Harry laughed."I would have!" I said back. "Haha, come here love." Harry said.

"What is it?" I asked. " I just, like having you around. That's all." Harry smiled. We found some bread, an lunch meat in the refrigerator, and made sandwiches. We sat there talking with the girls about what teachers we had the ones we hate. That's when we heard a faint beeping.
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