Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


27. Stuck in the hotel.

Liam's POV 
I backed away from the balcony and walked back into our room. "LOUIS. ZAYN. WAKE UP!" I called. "What, what is it?!" Zayn yelled. "They are fans outside of the hotel!" I said. "So what." Louis said shrugging it off. "I wouldn't plan on leaving any time soon." I said. "Oh, right." Louis said. "Oh, well." Zayn said turning over to go back to sleep. "Ok then." I said and walked over to the door connecting our rooms. I opened it up and walked in to find them all up and watching tv. "Guys. Did you happen to look out the window?" I asked. "No, why?" Harry said with a worried look spreading across his face. "Fans. Everywhere!" I said. They all got up an rushed out onto the balcony. The screaming got louder when they saw Niall and Harry. I hear a very loud distinct voice scream "Who are those whores?!" They're talking about Tay and Jewels. "Hey!" Harry screamed. "Hush down!" The fans listened and got quiet. "This is Tay and Jewels. Jewels is my girlfriend, and Tay is Niall's. Don't be rude." Harry screamed as loudly as he could. Some fans cheered and some fans screamed with anger. They walked back in. "Guess we aren't leaving today." Jewels said. "That isn't a bad thing." Harry came and wrapped his arms around Jewels. "The fans don't like us." Jewels said. "I don't care what the fans think, I love you." Harry kissed her. She kissed him back. Niall and Tay were sitting on his bed kissing. I couldn't take it. I walked back into my room. I got a text from my friend Danielle I met on the x-factor. We decided to meet up and hangout. I told the boys and left. 

Harry's POV 
All we did was sit here and have a lazy day. We watched movies and pigged out. Liam has been gone for a couple hours now. I wonder what he's doing. He texted me. 
'I'm dating Danielle now! <3'
' Whoa! Congrats man! I knew you guys would get together one of these days!' 
'Yeah. I'm pretty stupid for not realizing it earlier.'
'Oh, don't beat yourself up over it.' 
'Yeah, I suppose. I'll be back soon, mate.' 
'Alright. See ya later' 
"Hey Niall! Liam is finally dating Danielle!" I shouted. "He is?!" Niall said and walked out of the bathroom. "Yeah!" "Whoa! It's about time!" He said. "I know!" I said. "Who's he dating?" Jewels asked. "Oh, right. Danielle! We met her on x-factor!" I explained. "Oh. Her and Liam are dating?" She assured. "Yup. You'll have to meet her sometime! She's pretty cool, you'll like her." I said. "Yeah! That would be cool!" She said. I smiled. The fans were still outside, not as many, but still quite a few. "The fans will leave sometime." I said. "Yeah." Jewels agreed. I looked over to see what Niall and Tay were doing, and of course, they were both eating popcorn. I laughed. They're perfect for each other. 

Niall's POV 
Tay and I were sitting on my bed talking and eating popcorn. Tay is awesome. I saw Harry whisper something to Jewels and she started giggling. She got up, and grabbed something from her suitcase and ran into the bathroom. Harry was digging through his suitcase an pulled out his bathing suit. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Going for a swim." Harry smiled. "Wanna join us?" He asked. I looked at Tay. "Why not?!" She said and got up. "Okay!" I laughed and got up to grab my swimsuit. Jewels came out in a light blue dress cover-up and Harry ran into the bathroom. He came out within about 2 minutes. He grabbed Jewels hand and called "We'll meet you down in the pool!" He said dragging Jewels out the door and shutting it behind him. "Okay!" I said. Tay walked out of the bathroom in a tie-dyed bathing suit cover-up and I quickly changed. We walked out of the hotel room and went down to the pool. Jewels and Harry were already in the pool chasing each other around. "Come on in the water is fine, like you Tay!" Jewels said and winked at her an they both started cracking up. Harry and I both laughed with them. "Ok let's jump in on three." Tay said and we intertwined our fingers together. "One, two, three." We both jumped in. 

Harry's POV 
I held Jewels in my arms as we stood in the pool. Tay and Niall both jumped in and went under. They popped back up a minute later. "You know what's on my bucket list?" Jewels said. "Kissing someone underwater?" I asked. "Yeah." She said as we sunk under water. I opened my eyes and I could see she had here open. We leaned in and kissed. We came back up for air. We stared at each other and kissed again. "Woo! Look at this!" We heard. We turned and saw the paparazzi taking pictures of us. Not again. 


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