Together Forever?

Jewels is just an ordinary teenage girl, living the high school life. She's not a very popular person, she's quiet. But everything changes when she gets trapped in her high school, with Harry Styles, who is just an ordinary student, and Jewels' secret crush. He might just even have feelings for her. But what ever happened to Harry & Jewels after Harry became famous? Read to find out more in Together Forever?


25. Paparazzi needs a real job.

Liam's POV 
I woke up to the sound of "Liam get yo ass up!" It was Niall. "Huh what?" I said and rubbed my eyes. "We're back at the hotel. Get up!" He said. "Oh." I said still sleepy. I got out of the van and walked into the hotel and went into my room. I was in no mood for the paparazzi. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes once again. 

Jewels POV 
We walked into Harry and Niall's hotel room. Too bad the paparazzi knows they're here. They chased us up until the elevators. So I'm sure there are shots of Harry and I and Tay an Niall all over the place by now. We  threw our suitcases off to the side of the room. Tay and I both jumped up on a bed and jumped back and forth from each of their beds. Harry and Niall just sat back laughing at us as Tay and I were enjoying ourselves. We finally got tired and when I jumped back to Harry's bed I let myself fall. Tay did the same on Niall's bed. We both laughed and tried to catch our breath. "That was the most work I've done in a while!" I said laughing. Harry plopped down next to me and I laid my head against his chest. "I missed you so much." Harry said stroking my hair. "I missed you too." I said and looked up to him and gave him a kiss. I grabbed my phone and went on my twitter account. I had so much hate tweeted about me. (Made up twitter name btw) 
'@jewelsss you're ugly and Harry could do better.'
@jewelsss Stop Harry doesn't like you. 
@jewelsss haha you think you have a chance with Harry? That's funny. 
@jewelsss Harry could do way better you're so ugly you should kill yourself '
That last one hurt. I tweeted: 
'Stop giving me hate. Is that all you guys do with your lives? Grow up. '
That gained me a LOT of followers. And retweets and favorites. I got a lot of support from directioners, but also some hate still. I didn't wanna look at the crap on twitter anymore. I tossed my phone at the end of the bed. Disgusted to look at it. "What's wrong?!" Harry gave me a concerned look. I couldn't help but smile, to see how much he cared. "Nothing. Don't worry about it." I said. "Jewels, tell me." He said staring into my eyes. "Just the twitter hate was getting to me that's all." I looked away. "I love you. Don't let them make you think differently." He said kissing my forehead. "Jewels, I have a lot of twitter hate too. Don't let it get to you." Tay said. "Thanks guys." I said. Tay and Niall resumed the chat they were having. Harry picked up his phone and went on twitter. I put my phone into my pocket and I got up and walked outside onto the balcony. The view was amazing. You could see the street lights, cars. It was so pretty. I took my phone out and took a picture. I posted it to twitter. 'Amazing view! I love it here!' 
I scrolled down my newsfeed a bit until I ran across Harry's tweet. It was the picture we took earlier on the way here. 
'See this girl? She's beautiful and I love her a lot. I don't appreciate you guys giving her hate. Be nice!' Is what he tweeted. I smiled. Just then the door slid open and Harry popped out. "Hey, mind if I join you?" He asked. "Not at all." I said. We leaned on the railing in front of us. "The view is perfect." I said. "It is, isn't it?" Harry said. I smiled and looked at him. We moved closer to each other slowly and kissed. It so perfect it was like a dream. 

Zayn's POV 
When Louis and I had finally made it up to our room, slamming the door on the paparazzi, we found Liam asleep in his bed already. "Wow, he sure did get to sleep pretty quickly." I said. "Yeah, it's only 7:00pm." Lou said. "Oh well, let him get his beauty sleep." I said with a chuckle. A minute later Niall burst through the door. "You guys wanna go out for some pizza?!" He asked. "Sure why not." I said. "Yeah sure." Lou said. We walked into their room and saw the girls putting their shoes on. Jewels was putting on her white converse. Tay had a pair of grey ones like Niall. When they finished tieing them they stood up. "Everybody ready?" Harry asked. "Yup." We all called back. We headed towards the door but Jewels stopped us. "Let me make sure the paps left." She said. She quietly opened the door and poked her head out. "It's clear." She whispered and slowly walked out the door. Harry walked out behind her, then Tay and Niall, then Louis and me. We tip-toed down the hallway till we reached the elevator. When we reached it we pressed the button eager to get on the elevator. The doors opened and there was the paparazzi. "Run!" Jewels screamed and ran for the stairs, we all followed her as she opened up the door to the staircase and started going down the spirals of stairs. We were on the 7th floor, so by the time we got to the 5th floor, we lost the paps and went back out into the elevators. We stood there laughing as the elevator went down. "Well, that was interesting!" Jewels laughed. "Most fun I've had in a while." Tay said. "Those paps didn't even know!" Louis smiled. "Good thing they didn't catch up to us." I said. "Yeah." They all agreed. We made it to the main floor and ran for the van. We all piled in and Louis drove us to get pizza. 

Harry's POV 
We walked in and all sat down at the table and waited for our order to be taken. It was painted red on the inside and there was arcade games everywhere. The waitress came over and took our order. About 10 minutes later we got our pizzas. We scarfed them down and walked over to the arcade games. After awhile of playing arcade games it was around 8:30pm. We were on our way back to the hotel when I got a text from Liam. 
'Where are you guys?!' 
'Ate pizza without you. Sorry! But we saved you 2 pieces! :) .x 
'Ugh. Okay.' 
We pulled into the hotel and the paparazzi finally left. We ran into the hotel an ran to the elevator. We all stood there in the elevator as it took us up to our floor. 

Jewels POV 
When the elevator doors opened there was a pap standing with his camera. He started laughing as he took photos of us. I looked over to Harry and his face filled with anger. His hand balled up into a fist and he punched the pap right in the face. 

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